Who Makes The Most Reliable AV Receivers [Best AV Receivers In 2022]

For many years, we have been using soundbars because of their incredible sound performance, especially when watching TV. Later, we realized that AV receivers and a couple of surround speakers can make a huge difference. AV receivers combined with surround speakers can really give you the best home cinema experience.

AV receivers are said to be home cinema amplifiers, and this is because they ensure TV and films sound powerful, detailed and dynamic. The problem is that there are so many AV receivers out there so it can be very challenging to choose. Well, we are here to help.

Typically, when you are looking to buy an AV receiver, you will usually go for the ones that are most reliable. So let’s start there. 

So, who makes the most reliable AV receivers?

Denon makes the most reliable AV Receivers. They stand out as the brand that makes some of the best AV receivers in the industry, and for a couple of reasons. First of all, the brand is known for creating AV receivers that are both well-built and have a great exterior appearance.

Besides that, Denon’s receivers deliver a high-quality sound, and they have so many other features, like software and streaming services, which make the products more appealing and easy to use, hence making them dependable. Also, the brand has been around for over a hundred years.

It was actually involved in the development of the earliest digital audio technology as well as the first cylinder audio media in Japan. Because of this, they have built a good reputation in the game. Typically, the longest-staying companies are usually much more trustworthy than the newly established ones. 

What should a reliable AV receiver do? 

Here, we want to get a clear understanding of what a reliable AV receiver is, and what you should expect it to do. 

A reliable AV receiver should have Dolby Atmos as well as DTS: X support. This type of support allows you to add more channels of sound, with the addition of height channel speakers. Alternatively, they can also play Via 5.1 surround sound. 

Besides that, a reliable AV receiver should include HDMI inputs that can pass through 4K and HDR video. They should also have voice assistant support and Bluetooth wireless audio. Newer AV receivers also come with Apple AirPlay

And most importantly, a good AV receiver should deliver a well-balanced, room-filling sound

Top 9 most reliable AV receivers out there [in order]

Here’s a look at the top 9 most reliable receivers you can find. 

  1. Denon AVC-X3700H 

In first place, we have the Denon AVC-X3700H model. Once again, Denon raises the bar for what can be achieved for less than a thousand dollars. 

The Denon AVC-X3700H comes with an 8K HDR of video support, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, IMAX Enhanced surround formats and has Bluetooth, meaning that you can connect it to your laptop, phone and any other Bluetooth device. It offers Spotify, Tidal. Qobuz, AirPlay and YouTube streaming services. 

It also has a sharper punch and better clarity that allows you to get deeper inside the soundtrack and become more absorbed with the action. In a nutshell, the Denon AVC-X3700H has all the bell and whistles you can ever ask for. 

  1. Sony STR-DN1080 

At the first time the Sony STR-DN1080 was released, it won a couple of awards as one of the top-class AV receivers, and we loved it. The receiver was also high priced then and we loved its status as one of the finest receivers of all time. Years later, it still retains its status. Now that the price has dropped, the Sony STR-DN1080 has become a value for money and we love it even more. 

This receiver has a 4K HDR video support 6 HDMI inputs, Bluetooth and Streaming services that support Spotify, Tidal. Qobuz, AirPlay as well as YouTube.

The Sony STR-DN1080 has a great, dynamic sound, and it delivers a performance packed with punch, dynamism and power in a way we have heard before in any other receiver, especially within the £500 to $650 price range. On top of that, the STR-DN1080 comes with an amazing amount of detail too. 

Best AV receivers 2020: Brilliant home cinema amplifiers
  1. Denon AVC-X6700H 

Next up, we are back to the Denon brand with the Denon AVC-X6700H in 3rd place. This release has a maximum power output of 205 Watts combined with 11.2 channels, and 8K HDR video support and 8 HDMI inputs. 

When compared to the other Denon version, the Denon AVC-X6700H turns out to have a much heavier bass, and some might want to dial it back from time to time. Speaking of which, the AVC-X6700H gives you full control of almost every function. 

The device supports Dolby Atmos, DTS: X and IMAX Enhanced surround formats, and it can connect wirelessly through the Bluetooth feature.

  1. Denon AVR-X2700H 

The Denon AVR-X2700H is an expertly-built Av receiver that is highly sophisticated on all fronts. The device has a power output of 150 Watts, 7.1 channels and offers 8K HDR of video support. 

The receiver has an incredible amount of clarity, which highlights the music in the soundtrack, the voices or surround effects. 

Speaking of, the Denon AVR-X2700H has a great and well-balanced surround sound. If you want a much affordable piece of machinery attached to 2 growling subwoofers, this is the Av receiver you should get. 

  1. Denon AVR-X3600H 

The fifth product on our list is yet another AV receiver from Denon. Compared to the others, the Denon AVR-X3600H is actually an older model, yet it still packs the punch for you. 

The Denon AVR-X3600H has a power output of 180W along with a 4K HDR of video support and Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Dolby Vision Surround format supports. 

It has about 9 channels, with room for expansion if you ever need it. The device also features 8 HDMI inputs, Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth.

While the model is older, it actually has more power than its predecessor. The award-winning Denon AVR-X3600H has a truly remarkable sound. 

  1. Denon AVR-X4500H 

If you are looking for an amplifier that delivers a punchy and expressive sound, the Denon AVR-X4500H is perfect for you. This amp claims 125W of amplification (into 8ohms with two channels driven) across each of its nine channels. 

Also, the AVR-X4500H gives you access to Dolby Atmos and DTS: X speaker configurations up to 7.2.2 or 5.2.4. On the other hand, you have the 11.2-channel processing, which simply means you can go right up to 7.2.4 if you want to add an extra two-channel amplifier. And just about every spec and feature you could possibly want on a modern AV amp.

In addition to that, the AVR-X4500H comes with 8 HDMI inputs, 3 HDMI outputs, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, DTS Virtual:X surround formats and just about anything you can ask for in a premium AV receiver. 

  1. Onkyo TX-NR686 

The Onkyo TX-NR686 is simply one of the cheapest AV receivers that you can buy. Since it costs around $500, Onkyo felt worthy of its price tag so it definitely hasn’t shirked its responsibility, especially when it comes to features. 

The Onkyo TX-NR686 features Chrome cast and Google Assistant. It also comes with a 4K and HDR of video support. On top of that, it includes up to 7 HDMI inputs.

All things considered, this Onkyo model delivers a full-bodied and well-balanced sound, with no brightness. 

However, it has a very little punch and dynamic range so it can’t fully compete with Denon’s or Sony’s AV receivers. But, if you are looking for an easy receiver, it’s certainly worth it. 

Best AV receivers 2020: brilliant home cinema amplifiers
  1. Marantz SR5014 

Coming at £849, the Marantz SR5014 is an AV receiver that is renowned for its power and hard-build body (Dimensions: 18 x 44 x 34cm). The receiver fully supports 4K and HDR, has 8 HDMI inputs and is compatible with both Dolby Atmos and DTS: X surround formats. 

And while it might not have the best precision or dynamic range, it makes up for it with a powerful and warm presentation. If you are looking for a powerful and smooth 7.2-channel amplifier that costs under a grand, you should look no further than the Marantz SR5014.

Best AV receivers 2020: brilliant home cinema amplifiers
  1. Yamaha RX-A1080

When it comes to Yamaha’s best AV receivers, there are usually a couple of (obvious) things we expect. Firstly, the build quality matches the price tag, it is somewhere close to it. The receiver is endowed with an amazing sound quality, and of course, it comes with a lot of other premium features. And this is what Yamaha did on the RX-A1080. 

The Yamaha RX-A1080 has a wide sound field as well as plenty of detail. Besides its many features, the RX-A1080 comes with built-in streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal and Deezer, while providing Alexa Voice Control support. 

However, Yamaha does fall a step behind the Denon range when it comes to organization, timing as well as dynamics. 


In summary, Denon makes the most reliable and well-built AV receiver in this day and age. The company is renowned for giving its customers the best products at the most affordable prices in the market. It is the seconded by Sony, then Onkyo and the rest. 

Denon has really established itself as a leading brand. Combine this to the number of years that it has been into business, and you have a brand that will last forever. 

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