Which Is Better For Video Editing, Mac Or Windows [ Best Video Editing Computers In 2021]

which is better for editing video mac or windows PC

Video editing using a Mac computer or Windows laptop offers varying experiences, from video editing software to the finished product’s quality. It all factors in together in deciding what desktop PC or Mac book computer you should choose. But, which is better for video editing, Mac or Windows computer? 

Mac book Pro is better for the most sophisticated video and audio editing features for Final Cut Pro. Mac ios computers also handle DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere editing software better than Windows PC. Mac and Windows PC’s main difference for video editing is the balance you get from Mac IOS computers than Windows 10 laptops. 

After comparing Mac and Windows computers with the same specs and share almost similar features and attributes to test their abilities. The reality is that Mac book laptops using Final Cut Pro outwits any Windows computer using Sony Vegas with access to the multitude of formats that video editors can select. No doubt, the Mac book computer with Final Cut Pro is better than Windows with Sony Vegas for video editing.

While at the center of every good video editing project is the tried and tested hands-on experience with the Retina MacBook Air , Mac book pro with its base configuration for its horsepower in editing a 4K video using Final Cut Pro. 

I can assure you that those who swear by Sony Vegas for video editing will always choose windows PC as their best choice than Mac with final cut pro… 

But, if you can get over the price tag so you can enjoy editing video on sleek designed, balanced lightweight, and within a reasonable budget for modest video editing, then a Mac book pro is the only option for your next video editing project.

Even better, if you are a video editor who relies on Apple handheld devices or other gadgets for B-roll and other key video props, you may benefit more from Macs than PCs. And that’s because Apple designs its portable devices like smartphones, tablets, and more to work near exclusively with Macs. 

So this debate may have been there for quite a long time but it all comes down to one factor, preferences. Some people would prefer to have a Mac while others would opt for a PC (Windows) but there are some people out there who like them both. The thing is both systems do the required job perfectly, it mostly depends upon your preferences.

Which Is Better For Video Editing, A Laptop Or Desktop?

A desktop computer for video editing is better than a laptop. Desktop computers ( Mac IOS or Windows Desktops) offer better video editing hardware and potential upgrades if needed than video editing laptops. The main difference is that desktops sold at a similar price range to a Video editing laptop tend to have better hardware for processing 4K video files and memory than comparably-priced laptops. 

As desktop computers have ample space to accommodate more powerful processors and graphic cards than notebooks that aren’t designed to be enclosed in a big housing enclosure, they sacrifice slightly more powerful processors and graphics cards for compact size and portability. 

But, if you are willing to spend more money to get a video editing laptop for your projects, with plenty of RAM and a good graphics processor, laptops are an excellent choice for video editors who are constantly traveling.

It is difficult to say which one is better than the other but here are some of the advantages of each system. There are several reasons why one can choose a Mac and those are; creative arts usually prefer Macs, Arts and Design are closely associated with Macs, they are better for large file transfers, they are working, they are more user friendly and it has great fonts and colors. 

The reasons to use a PC are that they are cheaper, more compatible with many softwares, large scale video production teams, they are blessed with more ports, updates are always available and you can make your ultimatum machine by customizing the PC.

Why a Mac is better for video editing

Apple Mac

Many people say the Mac is the machine that Introduced personal computing to the world. The Mac has greatly advanced and the modern Mac has style and exclusivity. Here are the main reasons why Macs are preferred for video editing

Creative Artists Prefer To Use Macs

If you would ask most graphic designing and video editing professionals, they would tell you that they prefer the Mac and that the Mac are the best.

This is because Macs are equipped with a trendy style that most creative artists prefer. Obviously this is what would attract many graphic designers and video editors. 

In addition to that, Macs provide excellent usability levels and they have features that many artists find creative.

Video editing is closely associated with graphic design and most video editors prefer Macs.

Historically associated with Arts and Design

It is in the early 2000s that Macs became popular among artists. It is as early as this that Macs started focusing on graphic designing and video editing at the time when PC’s did not offer such services.

During those times, most colleges and art schools used Macs to teach. Students and teachers became familiar to the apple operating system and they tended to continue using it after graduation to do their work. 

Video editors and designers rarely change their tools hence the Mac took charge. iMovie is the software most editors will use for video editing. 

They are better for large file transfers

In these modern times, we are dealing mostly with full HD and 4k video. The files content creators use have become bigger and bigger. 

Macs has important features video editors can use as they have best ports and gadgets for large file transfers. The ports are suited for connecting to 4k monitors and the data transfer is way fast.

The Mac have Thunderbolt have 2 peripheral cables which are good for large file transfers and it can transmit data as fast as 40 Gbps.

Best operating system to work with Apple devices

Video editors who also use other apple handheld devices will enjoy using the Macs as they work best with other Apple devices. 

Apple devices are designed by apple to work perfectly with the Mac.

They are highly user friendly

Since the old days, Macs are designed to be more user friendly than the PC’s which had confusing and industrial interfaces in the past. Apple since way back has focused on user friendliness.

This user friendly characteristic makes most editors to stick to the Mac and the Mac come with a new user friendly feature on every new Mac release.

The Apple’s iMovie software remains the easiest video editing software to use.

Apple is advanced in terms of colors and fonts.

Video editors usually rely on the key design elements of color, typography and graphics. Apple has concentrated on continuing being the best in terms of three as to attract creative artists more. Macs have the best color standards for video editing.

Why it is better to use a PC for video editing?

Microsoft’s personal computers have made a name for themselves in terms of utility and versatility, mostly in offices. They are very affordable in terms of home computing, gaming and editing. Here are some of the reasons why the PC might be better for video editing

They are cheaper

When it comes to purchasing this equipment, you can get it at a cheaper price than the Mac with the same features being offered. 

A high end PC is required for video editing. You can get this high end PC at a relatively cheap price that could have costed much for a Mac for the same features offered.

They are more compatible with software

They can work with almost every software unlike the patent-loving Apple. Most popular video editing software are available for both Macs and PCs.

Used by video production teams at large scale now

They are deemed as the standard operating system for large scale commercial video production teams as they are the best selling laptops hence it’s easier to design a tailor made video build for a PC than for a Mac. 

It is more economical to get PC’s as commercial production teams rely on multiple machines at once which is delivered at a low cost than when using Macs.

Upgrades are readily available

Windows OS and software programs tend to get regular updates unlike in Apple which take time for regular updates. Windows can get an update in between which is not common with Mac which gets an update only with a new release.

They have more ports

Having many ports can prove beneficial in many instances where you need to connect many other peripherals.

Factors to consider when buying a PC for video editing.


A good amount of storage is very important and a PC has to have more than enough amount of storage. A small amount of storage will prove to be bad for your video editing. Ignoring this during purchase of your PC might lead to extra costs as eventually you will be required to buy external storage to support your editing and boost up your storage.

A minimum of 500 GB of internal storage capacity is all you need to support your video editing. This doesn’t mean you should relax, if you have the capability financially to purchase a larger storage space, you definitely must do so as this gives you the ability to store more videos on it. 

It also has to be noted that it is recommended to use Solid state memory than the usual HDD hard disk as the SSD is better and it works faster than the convectional HDD. 

In an optimum situation, the SSD laptop can run 4 times faster than HDD. In fact, the SSD doesn’t usually crash unlike the HDD. You can have 4 HDD laptops and they can all crash and one SSD laptop can withstand it all. It is wiser to buy a PC with an SSD storage than that with an HDD.


The act of video editing requires good processing power. It has to be noted two things are required for a heavy processing.

RAM power

This involves the running speeds of your computer. Have a PC with a minimum of 8 GB RAM but as you increase the size of the RAM you also increase the processing speed. That is a PC with a RAM of 16 GB will provide better services than a PC with 8 GB RAM.

Processing Power

This is the main thing about any computer. If you want smooth video editing, it is recommended to use anything having 4 processors like the core i7 Quad-core processor which can handle heavy video editing software. It is still okay to use a core i5 although the speed can not match that of the i7.

The message trying to be portrayed is that you need a minimum of 2.3 GHz processing speed for most video editing software. If you find yourself in video editing, you might need something more powerful than this.

Screen Size And Resolution

Having a media screen that can support 1080p resolution is not all you need for video editing.

Nowadays more videos are being shot in 4k. You might wonder why there are so many 1080p videos in circulation, the thing is most people usually shoot video in 4k and cut it down to 1080p while doing the video editing.

For one to do 4k editing, you are required to have a screen that supports 4k vision. The good thing is that many laptops these days support 4k resolution unlike desktop PC’s. Make sure you purchase a PC that supports 4K.

Another thing that you might have noticed is that size of your screen is also something that matters in your video editing. A bigger screen is equal to more surface are for you to do your video editing. However, you might purchase a 14 inch screen if you are always on the move for easy packing and less weight. Video is shown in more resolution on bigger screens.

Graphics Card

This is a factor that is mostly forgotten but it is important for someone doing video editing to have a video card. There are two options when it comes to purchasing graphic cards as you can either get one of the Nvidia GeForce band or AMD. 

NVIDIA used to the leader in terms of making great graphic cards but AMD has now caught up with NVIDIA in terms of producing great graphic cards. 

The type of software you use for video editing determines which graphic card you need to purchase. 

When doing heavy editing, it is important to get powerful graphic cards as well.

Battery power

Batteries have no effect on your video editing but it sure is an important factor to consider. Desktops do not use batteries but now we are talking in particular laptops which make use of batteries. Your laptop needs a battery that can withstand your video editing activities as video editing drains a lot of power that is why many people prefer to use Desktops for video editing.


Having looked at the advantages of using each of the operating systems, talking about which is better all comes down to one point, preferences. They are both good in their unique ways, it just depends on your preferences.

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