What’s The Difference Between Logitech Z623 And Z625

What's The Difference Between Logitech Z623 And Z62

Wondering what’s the difference between Logitech Z623 and Z625? Listen, as frustrations from poor sounding TV built-in speakers continue to lead to the rise in the use of external sound systems like Logitech’s z623 and z625, more and more consumers are turning to Logitech’s most popular desktop speakers, the Logitech Z623 And Logitech Z625, but what’s the difference between these two Iconic TV and music speakers?

The main difference between Logitech z623 and z625 is the fact that the z625 provides twice the output of the z623 speaker output power. Comparing these two desktop speakers on looks and aesthetics alone, you wouldn’t spot the difference.

Logitechz623 speaker system delivers a 35 watts output, and the subwoofer also pushes an additional 130 watts output on demand. As you can see, the Logitech z623 is not that far behind the sound performance of the Logitech Z625 which delivers twice the output of the Logitech z623. 

No lie; both speakers produce an outstanding THX rated sound quality. What makes Logitech z623 stand out is the output of 400 Watts at Peak with 200 Watts RMS of this thumping sound from each 2.1 speakers. 

Therefore, Logitech z625 is the most powerful and an upgraded version of the two desktop models as it delivers a whopping 400 Watts at Peak with 200 Watts RMS of those coming from each speaker. 

These two desktop satellite speakers produce clean and crisp high notes and their broad midrange makes them attractive, especially when you can deliver so much power without the reserve output you get from the woofer. 

As you can see that each one of the Logitech z623 and Logitech z625 speaker delivers varying watts, and the subwoofers also pushes between 200 and 130 watts, respectively, making the Z625 the perfect option for anyone looking for a thumping house party with deep super bass.

Everything you need to know about these two speakers

systems, their advantages and disadvantages, and the specs

they come with you will find it right here in the article.

The Logitech z625 is a newer version which is considered an

upgrade and one might assume it is so much better than the

logitech z623 but that is not entirely the case,both these

speaker have some unique features which i will shade some

light on, on this article.

A little About Desktop Speaker

The desktop speakers are electroacoustic transducers meant to convert an electrical audio signal from your PC or TV into a

corresponding sound.

Over the years we have seen many different types of speakers being made but the widely used speaker is the dynamic speaker.The sound source is mostly amplified or made stronger by connecting the speaker to the audio power amplifier before the signal is

sent to the speaker.

Logitech Z623 Specifications

· Manufacturer:Logitech

· Country of maker:USA

· Channel configuration: 2.1 channel

· Amplifier power rating : Front 70 watts

· Wired Connectivity: 1x stereo RCA input

2x 1/8 3.5mm input

1x 1/8 3.5mm

· Controls:Bass ,volume and power

· subwoofer amplifier:130 watts power rating

· Dimensions:Left, right 4.6 x5.3×7.7/116x


· weight :right 31.7 oz /900.0g left 29.9 oz/ 850.0 g

· subwoofer:14.3 ib/6.5 kilograms

Overview Logitech Z623

Logitech z623 speaker system is a certified thx from Logitech, and it

is a very powerful desktop pc speaker with a subwoofer. Logitech z623 provides high-quality sound or audio that places you right into your music, games as well as movies,it will keep you engaged.

This speaker system is ideal for use with computers as well as video

gaming rig systems as it comes with a very powerful subwoofer

and two satellite speakers with 200w RMS of power. 

The thx certification that this speaker system comes with

ensures that your audio is held to the perfect performance


It also has got rca and 3.5mm inputs, which allows you to connect it to multiple computers,DVD players, music players, tvs as well as game systems.

Its right satellite has got integrated controls that make it

very easy to make adjustments. 

Whenever you want to listen privately, you can use headphones as it comes with a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack.

The following are the pros and cons of Logitech

z623.These pros ans cons are based on customer

reviews on the internet.

Logitech Z623 Pros And Cons

The following pros and cons are based on the customer

reviews on Amazon and other sites.


· The sound quality is amazing

· The thumping is just perfect

· The subwoofer has got great bass, it has got clarity

it’s not too boomy it offers cinematic bass

· You get value for your money with this speaker


· It is perfect for tecno music as well as house music

· It is perfect for a regular size room

· This is perfect for watching films ,gaming as well as

listening to music

· It offers some very powerful effects when you are

watching a film or playing a game

· The speaker system can also be used as a home

theater system

· The THX certification makes it one of the best you

can get


· The product reliability is not very goid as most

customer complain that after five years of use the

speakers stopped working

· Sometimes the speakers come faulty right after


· Power butting problems

· Speaker system is a bit costly hence not everyone

can afford

Logitech z625 Specifications

  • Name of manufacturer: Logitech
  • Country of make:USA
  • Channel configuration:2.1 channel
  • Amplifier power rating:Front 140 watts peak and 40
  • watts RMS
  • Wired connectivity:1 x optical toslink input, 2x 1/8/
  • 3.5mm ,1x stereo RCA input, 1 x1/8 3.5mm output
  • headphone
  • Subwoofer amplifier power rating:130 watts RMS and 260 watts peak
  • Compatibility:required hardware—1/8 /3.5mm output or RCA output
  • Physical, dimensions:left 4.6x 7.7x 4.9/116x 195x 124mm.
  • Right 4.6×7.7×5.3/116x195x135mm.Subwoofer 11.1x 11.9x 10.4/ 282 x303 x264 mm
  • Weight:Left 1.9 pounds/ 850.0g,.Right 2.0 pounds/ 900.0g. subwoofer 14.3 pounds/ 6400.0 g

Logitech Z625 Overview

This speaker system is built with one optical input,two

3.5mm inputs as well as a stereo RCA input, it also

comes with its subwoofer and optical input from Logitech

which delivers 200 watts RMS, THX-certified high gaming

grade audio for music, movies using its dual 35 watts

satellite speakers and 130 watts subwoofer.

It can also be connected to three devices at the same

time with no need to disconnect whenever one is

Switching between audio sources. The functions such as

volume, power as well as bass,3.5 mm headphone and

auxiliary input jack are all very easily accessible on the

right speaker of the system.

The 3.5 mm audio cable and an optical cable are all included, and you also get a one-year hardware warranty as protection from any damage.

THX-Certified Audio

The Logitech z625 is a speaker system designed to deliver the most accurate, perfect experience straight out of the

box. These speakers are tuned to exact the specifications

which is to deliver the artists vision right into the

livingroom truthfully.

Enjoy 400 Watts Of Powerful Sound

To deliver some amped power, this speaker comes with

400 watts of peak/ 200 watts RMS.Because of its 2.1

This speaker system immerses you with a crisp sound and thundering bass, whether watching an action movie, listening to music, or simply playing video games. You can literally feel the sound.

Logitec z625 Come With Versatile Setup Capability.

This speaker system supports some multiple inputs that

simultaneously include optical 3.5 mm as well as RCA


You can connect up to three compatible devices

such as a game console,a computer and a game


 There is no need to disconnect when you are

switching between two or more audio sources.

You Get All Controls At Your Finger Tips

You can easily access power, the bass, the volume, the

headphone jack as well as the auxilary jack on the

the right side of the satellite speaker.

Logitech Z625 Pros And Cons

The following pros and cons are based on the customer

reviews on Amazon and other sites.


  • These speakers offer a well-rounded performance at
  • the same time they play music with a good punchy bass
  • Great for gaming as well as bassy music
  • This is one of the greatest speakers you can get for
  • partying
  • These speakers are very easy to setup and they do
  • not take time to get them up and running
  • High-quality product, the build is perfect, and it looks premium
  • · Robust build


  • · The speaker system is a bit expensive, so not everyone can afford it.
  • A lot of consumers complained about getting a defective product, and most consumers also returned the product.
  • It is an upgrade but does not offer much that separates it from the z623

A Quick Overview Of What’s The Difference between Logitech Z623 And Z625 In Detail

When it comes to performance as well as sound quality

the Logitech z623 and z625 are almost alike; what sets them apart is that Logitech added a few extra inputs options on the z625 and then called it an upgrade.

  • The z623 also comes with features such as a single 3.5mm input and an RCA input; meanwhile, the Logitech z625 comes with an optical input as well as two 3.5 mm input, RCA input and a headphone jack.
  • When it comes to the design, the z623 speaker system comes with three components such as the subwoofer and two satellite speakers.
  • The satellite speakers have got a height of 7.8 inches,5.4 inches in depth, and 5.6 wide, they can sit easily on the side of of your desk and don’t take-up much of the space.

At the bottom of the satellite speakers, you will find some

rubber feet these are to prevent the satellite speakers

from vibrating or shaking when you are listening to music

at a higher volume. 

These satellite speakers are designed to point at an upward angle, where the top the speaker is a little narrow and the bottom is wider.

On the right satellite speaker, you will find all the controls

on the front side of it; meanwhile, the left speaker is more

smooth, displaying just the drivers.

The controls that you will find on the right speaker are the power button, bass, and volume button. Both the speakers have got a front

firing that is 2.5 inches in length, they also have a sealed

driver that pushes the bass- foward.

In terms of color, the two satellite speakers have a matte

black finish that gives them a premium look,the drivers

are enclosed by a subtle rubber as well as a metal grill.


There isn’t much difference between these two speakers

systems, they are both very good, and both have got

Some very positive reviews on Amazon.At the end of the

day its all about the customer preference, you can still

purchase the z623 and get most features that come with

the Logitech z625. 

However, if you are really impressed by the extra inputs that are found on the Logitech z625, then it would be just fine to buy the z625 upgrade.

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