What’s Better? Onkyo or Denon

What's better? Onkoyo or Denon

Between the Denon audio Video receivers vs Onkyo AVRs, you will find that the Denon stands out as the best AVR despite not being as cheaper than Onkyo audio-video receivers. Rightly so, the maximum power output per channel for Denon is far more superior at 155 watts, while Onkyo AVR is 115 watts per channel. Denon AVR also features crispy sounding bass filters, while Onkyo’s less superior unless you are using an addon 5.1inch set of woofers. 

Overall, Denon is the best for quality and, it’s cheaper still, produces more bass, and the design is high-end without the price tag. With all that said, do not let the lower-powered Onkyo trick you into thinking that the audio quality isn’t good. Onkyo audio-video receivers offers loud enough audio quality for most users who got this brand.


Denon is better than Onkyo and here are some of the factors to justify this statement.


Build quality

There seem to be defects with Onkyo’s build quality, specifically the HDMI that you may need to repair often or completely replace, which means that costs are increased. While Denon’s product range is more reliable as they do not have any known defects, they have been crafted with a slim and sleek build compared to Onkyo receivers within the same price range.

EzoicExtra Features

Both are priced within the range of 500$+ in most online stores. 


Both brands support streaming through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and are compatible with a number of devices.

Denon has the upper hand because it has more extra features like the Dolby Atmos pro logic and DTS x support with firmware update while Onkyo only supports Dolby Atmos.

Denon supports 6 inputs making it compatible with chords from the system while Onkyo only supports 2.


Denon has is powered by 165 watts in comparison to Onkyo’ 116 watts which greatly influences speed and power making Denon fast and more effective than Onkyo.

Sound quality

Denon has better room correction than Onkyo the Audysses MultiEQ that adds value and detail to sound quality while Onkyo is also packaged with such a strong wattage that uses the AccuEQ to customize quality specially.

What makes Denon Better Than Onkyo? 

Both Denon and Onkyo brands come from manufacturers that are quite popular and offer quality products that fall within the same price range. Regardless of their jawling similarities, there are some subtle differences that set the Denon brand apart from the Onkyo. 

Often these differences can be observed in specifications and special features. How components have been engineered together is what will determine performance, costs and which product you choose.  

But, for you to spot them easily, let me delve deep and explore each brand separately using these audio-video receivers that have similar features to draw a conclusion on which is the best of the best between the two popular brands. 

When it comes down to which of the brands is better, Denon is far much better than Onkyo because it has an undeniable better build, more advanced features, Outstanding quality, and performance.




In April 1946, Osaka Denki Onkyo established this bold, simple and concise brand to fill the gap of satisfactory Japanese speakers. Using profit from crystal pickup sales, the company produced its first branded product a cartridge pickup for record players in May 1946.

On January 1948, Onkyo defied the odds and made its own custom-made paper cone instead of importing like other companies. Onkyo’s popularity increased right after the release of its acclaimed first ED-100 speaker that had great sound sensitivity and durability. 


That was the start of a company that has been working in the consumer electronics industry of 70 years now. In 2015, the Otsuka family were still the biggest shareholders regardless of the fact that Onkyo purchased Pioneer Corporations Home Electronics corporation that manufactures home cinema amplifiers, Blu-ray players and other products.

About the brand

Onkyo which translates to “sound resonance,” has more than 70 years’ experience in manufacturing consumer electronics products. it uses edge-cutting technology to produce audiovisual home cinema and audio equipment like surround speakers, portable devices and AV receivers. 

It is one of the world’s best AVR brands, offering ultimate flexibility in pure natural sound. It has limited features that make it slow and difficult and it cannot handle many ultra HD sources, which going forward will put it in a more disadvantaged position. 

Onkyo use only 116 watts which also affect its overall performance. There have been defects noted in 800 series to the RZ 840.



Denon was Originally established in 1910, Denon is known for its landmark production of the first audio recording of Japan’s Emperor Hirochito, s voice at the dawn of world war two in 1945 and was later actively involved in the early stages of engineering digital audio technology.  

The most unexpected fact is that it was founded by an American entrepreneur Frederick Whitney Horn. It was a Nippon-Columbia brand before its merger with Denki Onkyo. It was separated from Hitachi who owns 2% and Ripple wood holdings a wooing 98%. It merged with Marantz in 2002 to from D & M holdings. 

EzoicIt has over a 100 years of delivering powerful professional audio-visual equipment in home appliances and consumer electronics. 

About the brand

It has been engineered with edge cutting quality sound to support up to 6 latest HDMI, HDCP 2.2 and Dolby atmos. The HDMI have been proven to have never had any effects. 


Its ability to split into two zones speeds up firmware update, Bluetooth connectivity, internet radio as well as airplay effortlessly.


 It is toppled with a 4K Ultra HD. These are the features of the future as technology advances each and every day. Its 2-1 that broadcasts surround movie in one room while playing a stereo audio in another through airplay. What amazing model.


With the discussion that we have had above, you should note that finding an AR is actually more complex than just talking about it. Although both Denon and Onkyo offer high quality receivers Denon is far much better than Onkyo.

 You can also see that it’s a lot easier to identify why Denon is better than Onkyo. It has been dealing in audio consumer electronics for a longer period than Onkyo. This gives the brand an upper hand in understanding customers’ needs and crafting their products in line with those needs.

 It means they have far more expertize ad have conducted far more research than their counterparts. They use advanced technology which means that they are always a step ahead offering a slightly better versatility and quality to give you value for money than Onkyo. 

There is more trust in Denon than Onkyo because since they started a 100 years ago they have never had any HDMI defects in comparison with Onkyo.

No matter the type of receiver you settle for now, everything processed in the home theater goes through the receiver, so you have to purchase a receiver that delivers. In other words, the receiver controls the whole home theater system. 

EzoicThis is why it is very important to look at factors that may affect how a receiver delivers. Be mindful of the Components that are used in engineering a receiver because this will determine performance, sound quality as well as durability of a receiver.

 So here we are talking of how many HDMI inputs and outputs are there? Which applications can it connect with Bluetooth, Airplay, WI-FI or music cast? If you wanted to stream would it be possible? 

Does the receiver incorporate any breakthrough technologies that may enhance performance? What is the format of the sound output? Is it Dolby or DTS? Which one could be best for you?

Always strive to get a product that offers you value for money by carefully looking at the specs and capability. Electronics are a luxury yes but money to be spent on luxury does not fall from a tree. 

So make sure you get yourself an affordable, high-quality durable receiver since electronics can only be purchased once in a while. There will be so many reviews and recommendations online, while picking up something form these, be sure to go with a product that caters for your needs and preferences. 

Do your own research and analysis because sometimes the crowds go the wrong way. Do not forget to move with changing technologies you do not want to purchase a product that will become meaningless in 2 years’ time. 

Even worse something that will not be able to adapt and b compatible with future technologies. Be a tech addict if you have to because technological advancements happen every day and trust us you do not want to be left behind. While at it, avoid overstretching yourself. 


EzoicGo for something that is of high-quality but also is within your budget. If you want something more complex take time to save up and get what your heart desires. Avoid getting into debt by trying to impress people. It’s just audio-visual equipment, you cannot afford it to but you will in future so don’t stress.


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