Tower Speaker’s vs Bookshelf Speakers, Which Is Better?

Floor-standing Speaker’s vs Bookshelf Speakers

Tower speakers, also known as floor-standing speakers, and bookshelf speakers like Micca MB42 and Klipsch R 41 are the two main types of loudspeakers widely used in many home entertainment setups. These two types of speakers are very different in many ways including the size, the shape as well as the features that they usually have. The floor-standing speakers and bookshelf speakers with a sub woofer are also very popular when it comes to the stereo speaker category.

But, which speaker is better when you compare floor-standing tower speakers vs. bookshelf speakers with a subwoofer?

Floor-standing tower speakers sound way more versatile than Bookshelf speakers with a subwoofer. Floor-standing speakers not only handles the sound of contemporary music well with their slightly bigger speakers and drivers, but they also deliver wider options of sound setups for maximum impact. 

While bookshelf speakers with a subwoofer work well in small room areas, floor-standing speakers excel where rich surround sound and immersive audio listening to blues, hard rock or metal is better than Bookshelf speakers

The sound signature you get from floor standing speakers is more balanced, and the sound remains free of muddiness than bookshelf speakers.

when it comes to comparing the two types of loudspeakers, we see that the floor standing speakers are slightly better than the bookshelf speakers in terms of the sound quality and many other features.

Floor-standing tower speakers are a very good option when it comes to larger rooms, this is because they provide a good sound quality that can easily fill up a large space, on the other hand the bookshelf speakers are more suited for smaller rooms.

The floor-standing tower speakers also have great dynamic range as compared to the bookshelf speakers. The floor-standing tower speakers are tall and can be a little heavy in their size, therefore they are not as portable as the bookshelf speakers are.

The bookshelf speakers have a design that allows one to integrate them as a complete sound system, they can also be added together in order to create your own surround system. 

Floor standing Tower Speakers, Do You Really Need Them?

Floor-standing tower speakers are generally best suited for larger rooms as tower speakers are tall speakers that have a rectangular shape which houses large speakers capable of delivering super bass sound. Tower speakers pretty much like flow standing speakers also support their own weight and therefore will not need a stand to support them.

These speakers are also known by other names than tower speakers because of their height. Some floor standing speakers have legs underneath so that they can stand on these legs instead of standing on the floor directly. 

The size of the speakers varies, some can be big whereas some are small. Most of the large floor standing speakers have enough space to house a number of drivers. Usually, they house three types of drivers, there is a tweeter that handles the highs, a subwoofer for handling the lows and a midrange driver for handling the mid tones as well as the vocals. These speakers also have a bass reflex port that helps in improving the frequency reproduction of the speakers. 

The small floor standing speakers usually are slim in size, they are also very tall. These can also be added as a part of a home theatre setup system. Floor standing speakers give a sound that is rich and great. The sound is also very powerful and the output capability is excellent. They also have a high sensitivity that allows them to get very loud. 

The Advantages of Floor Standing Speakers

  • Great design

Floor standing speakers have an amazing design. These speakers are usually talk and attractive. They also have a powerful look that makes them easily noticeable when someone enters the room. They are also made using materials that are of good quality and durable. The Medium density fibreboard also makes the speakers to look more attractive. Their price also implies that the materials used we of good quality.

  • Good for larger rooms

The speakers can easily fit in most rooms. The dimensions and the sound of the speaker are big, this allows you to easily put them in rooms that are highly spacious without worrying about the sound sounding a little off.

  • Rich sounds

Their large size allows them to have more drivers inside them. These speakers have a subwoofer that is responsible for dealing with the lows, it has mid woofers that help I’m dealing with midrange frequencies and the tweeters are responsible for high end frequencies. The speaker has a great bass, the bass makes the sound very impressive. These speakers are a great option for anyone looking for good surround sound and immersive listening experience. 

  • Can be connected in various ways

With floor standing speakers, you can easily connect them to various devices. Floor standing speakers can allow you to connect sole devices via Bluetooth technology. Other floor standing speakers will connect using the USB port. You can also play music from the Sad cards.

The Disadvantages of Floor Standing Speakers

  • Not very portable

Unlike soundbars, floor standing speakers are  not portable. They are tall and usually bulky, because of this they are not very portable. Although some can be wired while others can be wireless the size and weight are usually around the same range. Therefore, it is hard to transport them or if you want to use them outdoors, moving them will not be very easy. 

  • cabinet vibration problems

This problem can come with speakers or will develop over time after you have used the speakers. The problem is not fixable however you may try to tighten the screws in order to reduce the problem. 

  • Price

The floor standing speakers are usually prices higher than the bookshelf speakers. Therefore, a little consideration on the budget is essential when it comes to buying the floor standing speakers. 

Bookshelf Speakers, Do You Really Need Them?

Bookshelf speakers are speakers that are usually smaller as compared to the floor standing speakers. The shape of the bookshelf speakers is usually cube or box like. They also make use of the two-way configuration system most of the time. However, most models now use the three-way configuration system. 

The bookshelf speakers that have two-way configuration use one tweeters that is responsible for handling the highs and a mid bass driver that is responsible for handling the lows and the vocals. The three-way configuration system has a bass port that is in charge of the bass. A subwoofer can also be added to the speaker in order to improve the bass. 

The Advantages of Bookshelf Speakers

  • Good for smaller rooms

The bookshelf speakers are small in size. Therefore, they fit well in rooms that are smaller rather than those that are large. Their size also helps in saving up a lot of space and leaves room for you to put other things. The speakers are also very portable because of their small size and can easily be carried around. 

  • Acceptable prices

When compared to the floor standing speakers, the bookshelf speakers deliver slightly low-quality sound. However, they are a lot more affordable than the floor standing speakers, therefore a good pair of these can be found at an acceptable price. 

  • Easy to upgrade

Bookshelf speakers are very easy to upgrade. With bookshelf speakers, you can add more bookshelf speakers in order to create your own surround sound system or home theatre system. The bookshelf needs to be matched with the subwoofer ok order to achieve this. 

The Disadvantages of Bookshelf Speakers

  • Limitations in volume

Floor standing speakers can get very loud, the bookshelf speakers cannot get as loud as the floor standing speakers can. This is not very good for people that love to listen to music at very loud volumes or those that love to throw parties. 

Factors That Affect Your Choice whether to get floor standing speakers or bookshelf speakers

  • Budget

The first thing to consider is the amount of money that you have and are willing to spend on the audio equipment that you are planning to buy. For a limited budget, a bookshelf speaker is a very good option. Make sure to get a good bookshelf speaker that has a lot of great features and amazing sound performance. 

  • Placement or room

The second thing is to consider where you will place the audio equipment that you are planning to get floor standing speakers do not do well in a small room, they are better suited for larger rooms whereas the bookshelf are more suited for smaller rooms. Therefore, of your room is small go for bookshelf speakers and for floor standing speakers if your room is large. 

  • Sound quality

Sound quality is a very important factor to look for. If you are more concerned about the sound quality of the audio equipment that you are buying then go for floor standing speakers because they provide more impressive sound as compared to bookshelf speakers. 

Differences between bookshelf speakers and floor standing speakers

The floor standing speakers are larger than the bookshelf speakers. Because of this, they offer a wide range of sound as compared to the bookshelf speakers. 

Because of their small size, it is very easy to place the bookshelf speakers where as the floor standing speakers can be a little harder to place. The bookshelf speakers also take up less space as compared to the floor standing speakers.

When it comes to the sound quality the floor standing speakers offer a better sound with a wider range, strong bass and good depth. 

Both bookshelf speakers and floor standing speakers are built for stereo and they are in stereo pairs. There is one speaker that is responsible for handling the left while the other handles the right channel. However, the floor standing speakers are the ones built for a complete stereo output whereas the bookshelf speakers are not. 


Floor standing speakers and bookshelf speakers are types of loud speakers. Floor standing speakers have a great sound range, sound quality as well as features. The bookshelf speakers also have great sounds but not as good as that of the floor standing speakers.

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