Sound Blasterx Katana Vs Logitech G560, Which Is Better?

Sound Blasterx Katana Vs Logitech G560, Which Is Better?

Sound Blasterx Katana and Logitech G560 are powerful PC gaming speakers. These speakers provide good sound quality and performance. They help to make your gaming sessions more immersing and better with the RGB lighting and excellent features that they provide. The speakers are also good for listening to music. But, which one is the best between sound blaster Katana vs. Logitech G560?

In comparison between Sound Blaster Katana vs. Logitech G560,  the Logitech G560 stands out as the best speaker for gaming and music because. Logitech G560 outperforms the Sound Blaster Katana as the Logitech G560 provides a good thumping bass and crispy sound quality compared to sound blaster Katana. It also provides surround sound to give your sound an immersive feeling. The sound blasterx on the other hand only has better and clear frequencies but the sound quality is a little low. There is also limitation in the way that the Sound Blasterx are spread out and positioned. The G560 speakers can be easily spread out and positioned on the desk to ensure that the sound is in all directions.

Sound BlasterX Katana

The Sound BlasterX Katana is a soundbar that was specifically design for gamers. The soundbar has a great design and a lot of connections. It is also small in size which makes it easy to place in a small room or on the surface of your desk. It comes at a price around $300 but features it has makes the soundbar worth the price. 

Sound BlasterX Katana Design and Setup

The Katan has a good design. This PC speaker has the shape of a soundbar. It is black in color with an aluminum chassis. It has a height of 2.5 inches and has a design so that it is angled to upwards towards the audience. It has 5 buttons on the top which you can use to change the sound and make sections. The buttons at either end have a white light illumination. There is a Sound BlasterX logo that is located on top of the bar. 

The speaker also comes with a subwoofer and it can be placed on the floor under your desk. Setting up the speaker is really easy. The connections are placed on the back of the bar. On the back of the speaker, there is an AC power, you can also plug in the subwoofer and there is also a USB port for connecting to your computer. 

The cable can also be used to connect the bar to a game console. The port can also be used for connecting to a USB drive. There is also an optical port, a headphone jack, microphone input and an aux audio input. The katana also uses Bluetooth connectivity to connect to your audio devices. The katana also has 2.5-inch neodymium powered drivers. The Katana also comes with a small remote control. 

Sound BlasterX Katana Software and illumination

The Sound BlasterX katana uses a connect suite for its software. With the software you can change the equalization settings. The software also has a lot of prebuilt profiles that you can use to change how they should be for your movies, music as well as games. It also has an Onboard memory that you can use to save your profiles. It also has a lighting section where you can select the colors for your illumination. You can also save your favorite profiles.

The Katana has an illumination of up to 16.8 million colors. There are also a lot of presets for these colors. It has a ring that has up to 49 lights and these lights can also be programmed; the lights can pulsate, move, glow softly or strobe. The lights can glow and reflect on the surface of the desk. Using the software, you can also create your own lighting profiles. 

The Sound BlasterX Katana Performance and sound quality

The katana provides a great performance when listening to music, playing game as well as watching movies. The subwoofer provides good lows and the high ends are very clear. When it comes to the volume, the bar can get loud and the sound does not distort. The speaker also provides an enormous sound stage. 

It uses virtual 7.1 surround sound to ensure that the sound is immersive. However, the effects are barely heard. It has a headphone jack that you can use to connect your headphones. The bar supports Bluetooth connectivity which you can use to connect to your smart phone or other devices that support Bluetooth.


  • Size Soundbar: 60 x 600 x 79 mm
  • Size Subwoofer: 333 x 130 x 299 mm
  • Weight soundbar: 1.5kg
  • Weight subwoofer: 4kg
  • 3.5mm Headphone jack
  • Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity
  • Water proof: No
  • RGB lighting with up to 16.8 million colors

The pros

  • Provides powerful sound
  • Supports Bluetooth connectivity
  • Uses RGB lighting 

The Cons      

  • Subwoofer is wired
  • Does not have an HDMI port
  • Pricy

Logitech G560

The Logitech G560 is an excellent speaker that can be used for games and listening to music. The speaker also has a sophisticated lighting system that has four RGB zones. The speaker is a great option for anyone that is looking for PC gaming speakers that come at an affordable price. 

The Logitech G560 Design and Setup

The Logitech G560 has a great design. It has two satellite speakers and a subwoofer. The subwoofer and the speakers are textured and are made of plastic. The subwoofer unit does not have any lighting elements where as the speakers have RGB LEDs and they can be illuminated uniquely. 

The subwoofer is rectangular in shape and it can either be placed on the floor or on the desk. The speakers also have fabric mesh grilles around the drivers, the subwoofer does not have a fabric mesh grille. 

Setting up the speaker is relatively easy. In this speaker the Subwoofer acts as a hub where you can connect the two speakers as well as connect the speaker to the PC. Connecting the speaker to the PC is done via a USB connection. You also need to download Logitech gaming software app for setting up the speaker. Using the app is very easy with just following a few steps. 

You can also control the speaker using hardware or using the software. You can choose to use Bluetooth connectivity or use an audio jack for connection. The speakers are large in size, they have height of about 5.9 inches, a width of 6.5 inches and a depth of 4.6 inches. The drawback in the design of these speakers is that the subwoofer cannot be disabled.  On the back of the speaker there is a headphone jack that you use to connect the speaker. 

The Logitech G560 Software and Illumination

There is a Logitech gaming software that you can use to configure a lot of things, you can use the software to change the equalization settings, create profiles as well as to activate sounds. 

The speakers also have RGB lighting. It has 4 zones of RGB lighting and it is impressive. With the software you can also change the lighting settings uniquely. It also offers attractive color patterns to make your gaming sessions even better. The software also allows you to change the sensitivity of color changes. 

The Logitech G560 Performance and sound quality

The speaker’s overall performance is good. The speaker as a gaming software and it supports a lot of games. The software also allows you to customizable the lights. You can also choose an option to use Bluetooth connectivity as well as using the 3.5mm jack port. 

The speaker is good for game sounds and movies. The speaker provides rich sounds as well as immersive sound. There are also a lot of sound effects that you can use.

The audio output of the speakers is excellent. They provide deep bass; it also has great high notes. There are also a wide range of notes for the speakers. The games sound very well o the speakers. The speakers also support DTS X surround sound. The surround sound allows you to place the speakers in a creative manner so that you can create immersive sound. 


  • Total Watts (peak): 240 watts
  • RMS: 120 watts
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz to 18kHz
  • Divers: 2.5 inches satellites, 6.5 inches subwoofer
  • Subwoofer: Size and Weight: 1.33 feet and 5.5kg subwoofer
  • Satellite size: 5.9 x 6.5 x 4.6 inches (height x width x depth)
  • Weight: 1.79kg (each satellite)

The Pros

  • Great Sound quality and audio performance
  • Loud and Immersive sound 
  • Uses Bluetooth Technology
  • Robust gaming Software
  • Lighting effects

The Cons

  • The speaker works with games in borderless window
  • Can be very loud
  • Most games are not supported directly
  • Subwoofer cannot be disabled
  • Excellent speaker for both music as well as games


Sound blasterX katana and Logitech G560 are great speakers. They have a lot of good features and offer great sound quality. 

The Sound BlasterX katana is a speaker that sounds really good. It is a great speaker for gaming, but can also be used for movies and music. It works well in smaller rooms due to its size. It uses connect suite software that you can use to change settings and profiles. The speaker also has lighting with up to 16.8 million colors. 

Logitech G560 is a good PC gaming speaker. The speaker has excellent audio performance and a good design. The setup process is very easy and the speaker uses Logitech gaming software which you can use to set up the speaker and customize it. It also has lighting to enhance your gaming experience. The RGB lights are also customizable. 

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