KEF LSX Speakers vs KEF Soundbar

kef lsx vs kef soundbar

The KEF LSX and KEF soundbar are good audio systems that are made by KEF. The LSX has a lot of features including wireless connectivity, aptX support, and customization using the applications. It also provides excellent room-filling sounds. The soundbar makes use of wired connectivity and does not support wireless connection unless you plugin this wireless Bluetooth TV converter. It can also be used as part of your home theatre system. It also comes with a wall mounting bracket that lets you mount it to the wall. In addition, it also gives good sound for both music and movies.

Comparison: KEF LSX Speakers vs KEF Soundbar, Which Is Better?

KEF HTF7003 Sound Bar sounds way more versatile than KEF LSX Bookshelf speakers. KEF HTF7003 Sound Bar handles TV, Gaming sound setup, contemporary music well and handles the sound of blues, hard rock, metal, etc., better than the KEF LSX Bookshelf speaker. Overall, the sound signature of the KEF HTF7003 Sound Bar is more balanced, and the sound remains free of distortion. 

Features KEF LSXKEF Soundbar 
Frequency response54Hz to 26kHz70Hz to 23kHz
HDMI SupportNoNo

Design and features

The KEF LSX is generally a small speaker that comes at 9.5 inches tall, 6.1 inches wide and with a depth of 7.1 inches. These speakers also have a great design and are available in a lot of colors including blue, black, green, black and white. They have a fabric wrap on the sides of the speaker; this fabric wrap also extends to the top as well as the bottom of the speaker. All the speakers come with the fabric wrap except for the ones that are white in color, these have a glossy finish. 

Just like most KEF speakers, it also makes use of the KEF Uni-Q driver. The speakers contain a woofer and a dome tweeter. The tweeter is 4.5 inches while the dome tweeter is 0.75 inches. The design of the speaker makes sure that there is no diffraction and improves the stereo imaging. This speaker also makes use of amplifiers that are used to power the drivers and the woofers

The speaker contains cabinets that are made of plastic material. The Uni-Q driver is placed on the front side of the speaker and the LED light is placed below the speaker. It has a woofer that has a copper color. The connections are placed on the back of the speaker. Some connections include the ethernet port, USB, Power connections, optical port, a subwoofer out and a 3.5mm audio jack. 

The KEF LSX has an excellent build quality. They are made of plastic build and a fabric is wrapped around the speakers. It also has all the parts inside the speaker well placed. This speaker comes with a small lightweight remote control for controlling the speaker. On the remote control you will find 8 buttons that can be used for raising the volume, lowering the volume, playing /pausing and also a mute button. The speakers have a DSP feature, this feature is used to manage the frequency response or adjusting it depending on where it has been placed. 

The KEF can further be controlled using software, the speaker can be controlled using the KEF stream software and the KEF connect software. The applications are used to help in setting up the speaker as well as streaming content. The software can be used on both iOS and android devices. The software can also be used to adjust stings like the DSP. They also provide a lot of other features like changing the way the speakers should be placed, adjusting the mids and the bass. The software also includes audio signatures, these can be used for creating profiles and saving them. 


The KEF LSX supports wireless connectivity. The speaker also uses Bluetooth connection. They also have an ethernet cable and an ethernet port for connectivity. the ethernet cable allows you to connect these speakers directly to your network. They also have a frequency response of 50Hz to 26kHz. These speakers also have aptX support to help in improving the quality of your sound. Other connections include optical and audio inputs. 

Sound Quality

The KEF LSX have good sound. For their price point, these speakers offer excellent and extraordinary sounds. When music is played on these speakers it really fills up the room. They offer the sound performance like that offered by most floor standing speakers. The LSX also have a good clarity when it comes to the sounds that it produces. It also provides a satisfying bass and has a great level of stereo imaging. The treble and the mids are also at a good level and do not lack.


  • Frequency response: 54 to 26kHz
  • Power: 30W for high frequencies, 70W for low frequencies
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Connectors Bluetooth Version 4.2, Ethernet, optical and WIFI
  • aptX support
  • Drivers: KEF Uni-Q

Pros and Cons


  • Small size and easy to fit on any space
  • Supports a lot of connections like Bluetooth and Ethernet
  • Good technical ability
  • Good sound with neutral tunes


  • Pricey


The KEF HTF7003 is an impeccable TV and Gaming audio soundbar manufactured by KEF and comes at an affordable price. The terminals are plated in gold which helps to make them more secure and easy to connect to your gaming rig or TV. 

KEF HTF7003 Design

The soundbar has a design that allows you to mount it to a wall. This is very good because it gives you a lot of options in terms of placing the speaker. It comes in a package that is very durable. The soundbar has a design that easily allows it to fit well next to a flat TV. It has a thickness of about 2 and half inches. This size allows it to easily match that of most TVs. The soundbar also has glossy black finish. On the front panel you will not find any inputs, buttons or the logo. it has the dimensions: 3.1 x 30.9 x 2.4 inches.

This speaker also makes use of a Uni-Q driver that ensures that the sound produced are good. This also ensures that two-way sound is produced. It also has a dome tweeter that is 6 inches in size. This dome tweeter is made of aluminum and lies on the center of the bass driver. The way in which the drivers and tweeters are positioned ensures that the stereo imaging is good. Each of the three channels has a low frequency driver, a passive radiator and a Uni-Q driver. Each of these are 3 inches in size. The soundbar also comes with a bracket for mounting the soundbar to a wall. It also comes with a table stand.

These speakers also have an enclosure that is shielded with magnet, because of this, the speakers can easily be mounted to the wall. The finish that it has is also very good and it can come in any color but the finish is gloss black.  It has three tweeters in total. This are located at the center of the bar. This also ensures that the sounds are immersive. These soundbars do have Alexa support or voice control features. It also lacks an app that you can use to further control the soundbar. It also has AV inputs, however the soundbar lacks HDMI inputs or outputs.

KEF HTF7003 Specs

  • Two-Way bass reflex design
  • 85dB Sensitivity
  • 120Hz to 22kHz frequency response
  • 100 watts handling power
  • 8 ohms impedance
  • Height: 3.1 inches
  • Width: 30.9 inches
  • Depth: 2.4 inches
  • Glossy black Finish
  • 106dB max SLP
  • Weight 2.1kg

KEF HTF7003 Sound quality

The KEF soundbar gives excellent sound quality. It provides realistic sounds. It has two 2-inch drivers and a 0.75 tweeter. The tweeter is present on both on each channel. This also ensures accuracy in the way the sounds are delivered. This soundbar produces sound that are natural. It creates an immersive feeling and ensures that the sounds are clear. The soundbar also has a very high-volume range and it can get very loud. It has a sensitivity of 6dB. This is very good for the soundbar. It provides amazing sound effects that blend very well. 

KEF HTF7003 Connectivity

The soundbar uses wired connectivity. it does not support wireless connectivity. it also lacks the apple docking compatibility. The soundbar is no powered and can be connected to your home theatre system.  this soundbar has three terminals. This helps you to have a center connection, a left connection as well as a right connection. This sound bar also includes rear speakers which is vey good advantage as compared to other speakers. 


  • It provides sounds that are excellent 

Comes with a bracket for mounting it to the wall

  • Easy to setup


  • It requires you to have a subwoofer separately to create the room filling sounds.
  • Needs you to have an A/C receiver
  • Does not have any virtual sound effects
  • It has rubber pads that are too small
  • Lacks HDMI inputs


The KEF LSX and soundbar provide good sounds for music and movies. The KEF SLX uses wireless connectivity here as the KEF soundbar uses wired connectivity. the KEF soundbar has a great design, it also has features like aptX codec and can be controlled using the KEF software that are available for both iOS and android devices The KEF soundbar (HTF8003) is a three channel soundbar that provides a good music experience. The music provided is good for movies as well as music. They might be a little low on the bass but adding the subwoofer fixes this problem. The soundbar also makes use of the Uni-Q driver, a tweeter and a midbass drivers to ensure that it produces excellent sounds. 

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