Is Logitech G560 Worth It?

Is Logitech G560 Worth It?

I have been reviewing multimedia speaker systems for years and each year, one system really captures my attention more than the other. The Logitech g560 is a very much worthwhile choice when it comes to sound quality, clarity, bass and how reasonably priced the Logitech G560 is, compared to other gaming speakers of its kind.

The Logitech g560 captured my attention as it is packed with features and,If you want some really good sound that will put PC gaming at the front and center, then this speaker system is worth getting.

So, Are Logitech G560 Worth It?

The Logitech G560 is a reasonably priced speaker with sound quality worth every investment you make. The Logitech G560 speakers produce an amazing deep and balanced sound tone with a thumping bass. Though their Housing is not a polished fining you see in other premium speakers, Logitech G560 delivers a profound sound quality and flare from the LED lightsync technology these speakers come with. 

So, in the spirit of fairness, this article, will focus on a full review of the Logitech g560 speaker system. I will also highlight why the Logitech g560 speaker is a worthy choice, the advantages and disadvantages it comes with, and its full specifications.

Over the years, I have seen a fair share of speakers being made, but the most widely used speaker in most audio setups is the dynamic speaker.

 The sound source is mostly amplified or made stronger by connecting the speaker to the audio power amplifier before the signal is sent to the speaker

 Logitech G560 Specifications

• Manufacturer:Logitech

• Country of make:USA

• Channel configuration:2.1

• Amplifier power rating:120 watts RMS

• Wired connectivity:1xusb type A and 1×1/8/ 3.5 mm

• Wireless connectivity:Bluetooth

• Compatibility: os compatibility–windows 10, windows 8.1, windows 7 and mac os

• Required hardware:1/8/ 3.5 mm output or USB port

• Dimensions :left, right –6.5 x 5.8x 4.6 /166 x148 x118mm

• Subwoofer :10 x 15.9 x8.1/ 255x 404 x207 mm

• Weight :left, right–3.9 pounds/ 1.8 kilograms

subwoofer–12.1 pounds / 5.5 kilograms

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Logitech G560 Overview

With this light sync speaker system, you will experience immersive audio and visual; this speaker system is very powerful for gaming. It features two satellite speakers as well as a subwoofer for a 2.1 speaker setup. 

With its 120 watts RMS power feeding the down-firing subwoofer as well as the satellite speaker, you will get to hear the most detailed audio from your favorite games as well as films from a large soundscape.

With this speaker system, you can connect and mix multiple audio sources from the USB type A 3.5mm as well as Bluetooth 4.1 and switch in between them as you please with the Logitech easy switch. 

If you like you can even use the physical volume control and the g key buttons. The button that is used for power is located at the back of the right satellite speaker; this speaker system even supports 7.1 DTS:X ultra virtual surround sound.

The light sync allows the user to customize the speakers as they like with over 15 million colors and different animations and effects. This system is so powerful that you can even sync with other Logitech devices with light sync for a more uniform setup look.

You will have to download and install the Logitech software for gaming in order to get full unlimited access to all the light sync features. This software will allow you to create your own dance party with its audio visualizer. 

You can even choose any part of your screen and assign it to any of the four areas, which are right, front, left, and rear, and then have the light sync engineered the pixels colors on the screen and match the color dynamically on the g560. The result is amazing; you get immersive environmental lighting while you play.

Light sync RGB

This speaker system can be customized from approximately 16.8 million colors, even with different animations as well as effects. These can also be synchronized with other devices that have got light sync. This is so high that you can even use the Logitech gaming software to personalize the lighting to match your rig, style, and gear.

Game World In Your Room

Most game developers work with Logitech light sync SDK in order to program the color as well as the animation effects for each and every game. This means that the spectacular moments that the game creators focus on will be enhanced with RGB. All of those games you love so much will be brought to life.

120 Watts Of Powerful Sound

With the 120 watts of this speaker system, you can actually feel the action, the power feeds the down-firing subwoofer and the two satellite speakers with the lightweight, high strength metallic drivers. 

You will hear every detail as the game and sound designers intended from this powerful 2.1 speaker system from different angles, thanks to its unique driver design that delivers a colossal soundscape.

The following are the pros and cons of Logitech G560. These pros and cons are based on customer reviews on the internet.

Logitech G560 Design

This speaker system comes with a lot of pieces as well as wires; however it is not as complicated as it looks as the setup instructions are printed right at the back of the box also there are no words involved which is very reassuring. With this system you will also find a rectangular subwoofer which will probably live somewhere on the floor,it acts as a focal point for the whole setup. 

From that point, you connect two circular speakers that have monitor cables to facilitate the lights you will place on the desk.

You will also find a USB cable that directly runs from the subwoofer to your computer and a power cable.

The speakers may need a little cable management, but there is not much else you have to know once they have been connected. The speaker on the left is just a speaker; meanwhile, the right speaker comes with volume control on top of it; it also has got a button to change the RGB lighting brightness. 

At the back, there are three buttons in total that are meant to shut off the speakers or to pair with a Bluetooth device.

The subwoofer is pure black in color for those who take pride in the game center appearance.

Logitech G560 Pros And Cons

The following pros and cons are based on customer reviews on Amazon and other websites.


• The speakers have got amazing sound quality, the crisp lows and the louds, the highs are not fractured

• The speakers can get so loud even with the volume not reached halfway, making them perfect for hosting house parties

• The speakers are very easy to set up,the manual is also very easy to understand

• The bass from the speaker is absolutely amazing

• The light sync is amazing as it makes it easy to sync with other Logitech devices

• The lighting of the system makes it look very classy which is a huge plus for many customers

• The lights of the system are always on

• The Bluetooth has got minimum lag

  • The speaker system comes with very robust software, very reliable


• The newer drivers 122.1.22 are not very good and can ruin your experience

• The software profiles are a bit lacking, the only setting that seems to work well is the cinematic one

  • There is no way to disable the subwoofer also the screen sampling can also be overly aggressive

• Sometimes, when you are updating the firmware, the whole speak system may lose power and will not power again, which shows there is something wrong in the system

• The software comes with a lot of issues sometimes

• The speakers are a bit costly so not everyone can afford to purchase them

• Controlling the system is a bit hard due to the button placement

• One of the major issues is controlling the volume button

• Customer service is slow to help the customers whenever they have got some issues with the issues.

Why Logitech G560 Is Worth It

A good set of Logitech speakers is worth investing whether its for gaming sound or just tv audio. While gaming headsets are very good, and they definitely have their place, especially when you are into the competitive scene and also need a microphone by your lips all the time, a good set of speakers like these Logitech G560 is the best way to go. 

The Logitech g560 speakers let you experience some deep, great clear rich sound without the need for restrictive headgear, you can also share your gaming victories with your friends and loved ones.

The speakers are worth it because they also let you enter the Logitech g560 gaming speakers, you get a full-featured, three-part set of peripherals that will also provide an amazing light show that will make your gaming one heck of an experience. 

The promise of the g560 speaker system is two folds, first of all, it is intended to be an excellent speaker for, music, games as well as movies.

On this part, it succeeds without any qualification that will not surprise anyone familiar with the existing speakers from Logitech.

Second, this speaker system is also incumbent with a sophisticated lighting system that comprises four distinct zones with some bright, colorful LEDs.

The lights are very beautiful as well as innocuous but the downside side to them is that they can also be very distracting, this is due to some issues with software and some aggressive lighting defaults.

Still, these are some of the best speakers that will put pc gaming front and center that you can find at a good price.

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