Is Edifier R1280t Worth It : Edifier R1280T Powered Active Bookshelf Speakers Review

Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers

The edifier R1280T is an active powered bookshelf speaker that use 2.0 stereo channels well-liked by many audiophile fans seeking to spruce up their home tv sound system or the gaming sound system setup. The Edifier R1280T is adored by both gaming enthusiasts as well as avid tv watchers who want the best sound quality as these speakers have an RMS of 42 watts

All things aside, anyone with a sense of style and taste for high end and glamour will love Edifier R1280T Powered active bookshelf speakers as these speakers have a retro look and the audio quality is good. 

The speakers are also affordable. It has good features like the 4-inch bass driver that works to deliver rich sound, the speaker also has a bass port. Most laptops, desktops and TVs do not offer the good sound that most people want. The edifier is a good speaker if you want to add some sound quality to the TV or the desktop.

Is The R1280T Bookshelf Speaker Worth It?

Yes! The Edifier R1280T desktop bookshelf speaker is an excellent choice for a much more inexpensive desktop quality sound speaker system you can get in the 2.1 speakers set price range. 

Compared to the other edifier sound speakers, which may be much cheaper than the edifier R1280 Bluetooth powered bookshelf sets, this is undoubtedly an excellent choice for sound quality, especially for an office or bedroom setting. 

The R1280 bookshelf speaker is undoubtedly worth it as it has a sleek design and won’t dominate the aesthetics of your room decor. Frankly speaking, this speaker system is a great companion for almost any desk setup.

The edifier R1280T design quality

The edifier 1280 speakers have a great design. The design of these speakers allows them to easily fit anywhere in your home and in any decor. 

The cabinets are made of a matte metallic finish. The matte metallic finish is on the top of the cabinets. They also have a wood finish on the sides.

The speaker has a grille that it is detachable and it is located on the front side of the speaker. The grille is grey in color. There is also a silk dome tweeter that is 13mm and a woofer that is 4 inches. On the back, if the panel the speaker has a lot of options for connecting the speaker including switches and ports. 

There is the on and off switch, the A/V ports and aux inputs. The speaker weighs 11 pounds. It has the dimensions 9.2 (height) x 5.7 (width) x 7. 7 (depth) inches. The right speaker has knobs that are used to adjust the volume, the bass and the treble. 

It also comes with a separate remote control that is used for volume and muting the sounds. The speaker comes with an RCA cable and a headphone to RCA adapter.

These speakers are good for large monitors and the monitors that measure at least 27 inches. They are also great speakers for when it comes to TVs and they fit very well. the MDF construction because the speakers fit easily. The speakers can come in brown or black colors. 

The corners of these speakers are rounded, behind the grille of the speaker there are two drivers, there is also a bass port that allows you to easily mount the speakers. The drivers have a woofer and a silk dome tweeter. The right speaker is an active speaker and the left speaker is a passive speaker. 

The packaging

The packaging of these speakers is good, they come with a lot of accessories that you need for listening to audio. Inside the package, there is the stereo pair, one of the speakers is active and the other speaker is passive. 

There is also an RCA to RCA cable, the Aux-RCA cable and the wires that you use to connect the speakers. There is also a remote control that uses infrared technology. There is also a manual that is well written and you can use to follow in order to set up the speaker. 

The edifier R1280T Sound quality

The Edifier R1280T powered active bookshelf speakers good sound. They have a 4-inch subwoofer that works well in ensuring that the sounds delivered are rich. You may experience some distortion when the bass is low. The speaker is good for listening to sound in the bedroom or in an office.

They have good high frequencies. They deliver highs that are greatly detailed. The trebles here are also well balanced and a little thin. The bass they produce is not that great but it is well balanced. 

The bass delivered fills up the room and it is rich but it is not the punchy kind of bass. The mids that this speaker has are well balanced and smooth. 

The vocals and the sounds are well-produced and this speaker can be useful for music types like jazz and other genres. To have that sound that greatly fills up the room you may need to have an additional woofer

The edifier R1280T speakers are great speakers for watching Movies. These speakers have smooth and intimate vocals. These vocals have all the good sound effects for movies and it allow you to enjoy movies and Tv shows. There is some distortion when the bass is low.

The edifier R1280T Controls

The speaker easily allows you to control it. You can control the bass, the treble and the volume controls. The speaker comes with a remote control that you can use to adjust the volume and mute the speaker’s volume without touching the speakers directly. The speaker also has a built-in tone control that is located on the side of the active speaker. 

You can adjust the bass and the treble; it allows you to adjust between the values -6 to =6 db. When you power on the speaker the volume is set at a comfortable level automatically. 

The speaker also allows you to connect a lot of other audio devices because it has RCA inputs. There is one speaker which is passive and another speaker is an active speaker. There is a regular wire that you use to connect the two speakers together. 

There are two inputs which are located on the back of the active speaker. These inputs allow you to connect RCA and Aux connections. You can also connect the speakers to the PC, laptop, tablets or to a phone. 

The edifier R1280T The performance 

The speaker has a great and reliable performance. It uses a 2.0 speaker system. It has a 4-inch bass driver, it also has a calibrated flared bass reflex port. The speaker delivers robust sounds and bass which is rich. It has good midranges and the highs are clear.  

It also has controls that are very easy to access. The volume that these speakers offer I very good for PC listening, the sound can also fill up a small room like an office or a bedroom. 

These speakers are very good for music listening more than TV or movie watching. The audio quality is very good for most kinds of music genres, for those that like more bass another woofer maybe required. The speakers are also a great option if you are just looking for some good sounds with great volume and depth. They also have a great versatility. 

The edifier R1280T Features and details 

The speaker has 2 aux inputs. This allows you to connect the speaker to almost all devices that have a 3.5mm output. It also connects to devices that have a dual RCA output. The speaker also allows you to connect up to two devices using the aux cable, the speakers do not use Bluetooth. 

The sound quality offered is good; the speaker has a 13mm silk done tweeter. It also has a 4-inch woofer. These ensure that the sound quality offered is of studio quality and the bass is rich.

It uses a medium-density fiberboard for the finish. It also has vinyl which makes the speakers to fit in any home décor easily. 

Infrared remote control: This uses a remote control that allows you to adjust the volume from a distance. The remote control also has a mute button. 

Features controls like bass control and treble control are found on the active (main) speaker.

Edifier R1280T Specifications

  • Dimensions: 6.9 x 9.5 x 5.8 inches
  • Weighs 10.8 pounds
  • Classic wood finish
  • 42-watt nominal output
  • 75 to 18kKz frequency response
  • 85 dB signal to noise ratio
  • 2.0 stereo
  • Detachable grilles
  • Active amplification
  • 2-way channel crossover
  • Wired connectivity
  • Medium density fiberboard material
  • Bass and tweeter drivers

The pros and the cons

The pros

  • The speaker is active and does not require you to have an amplifier in order to produce sound
  • The sounds the speaker delivers are well balanced, warm, clear and loud
  • The speaker allows you to control the bass as well as the trebles
  • The build quality is very good
  • Easy to setup
  • Comes with an infrared remote control
  • Good price point
  • It allows you to connect up to 2 inputs without switching
  • The front panels can be removed

The cons

  • When it comes to the clarity, the highs can lack some clarity
  • When it comes to the depth of the bass, the bass lacks some depth.


The edifier R1280T is a great speaker, we can’t say it is the greatest speaker because it competes with other speakers. When it comes to the price that this speaker is offered on. It is a very good speaker. 

The quality of the speaker is good and it has great quality sounds. The sounds it offers are clear and the performance is also good. The speakers have ARC inputs that allow you to connect to the desktop, laptop, or TV. 

It also has dual inputs. The speaker has a good build quality and the price it comes at is not that expensive. The removable front panels are also an addition to the great features that this speaker possesses. Therefore, it is a very good speaker if you want a speaker with great design quality and a good price. 

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