How To Connect Klipsch Promedia 2.1 To A TV Monitor? [Detailed Guide 2021]

How To Connect Klipsch Promedia 2.1 To A TV Monitor

Ever wondered how you can connect Klipsch Promedia 2.1 speaker to your TV?

Klipsch Pro Media speakers are probably the best external tv speakers available on the market today. No wonder that everyone looking for the best wired or wireless tv speakers often chooses Klipsch Pro Media 2.1 speakers. But, how do you connect Klipsch Pro Media speakers to your tv?

Klipsch Pro Media speakers can be connected to your tv wirelessly or via audio cables that plug into audio ports located on the backend of the tv. And the Klipsch Tv speakers have three main ways in which you can connect the Klipsch Promedia 2.1 system of speakers to your TV. You can use headphones jacks, RCA audio jacks, and via Bluetooth wireless connection.

Headphone Jacks: Most TV’s will usually have a 3.5 mm headphone jack, which is the case with almost TVs. PC speakers normally should be able to be plugged into the jack. 

3.5mm Audio (RCA) Jacks: Many TV’s which are even less expensive and much higher-end, come with RCA connectors, and these Klipsch Promedia speakers use those connectors as well.

 Bluetooth: Modern TV’s, that are being manufactured these days usually come with Bluetooth transmitters built-in and a feature that allows you to connect to the Klipsch Promedia 2.1 speakers wirelessly.    

How to Connect Klipsch Promedia 2.1 speakers to your TV

Below is a wider description on how to connect the Klipsch Promedia 2.1 to your TV

Connecting Tv speakers using Headphone audio Jacks

Connecting your speakers using headphones via headphone jacks is technically the easiest way of connecting the Klipsch Promedia speakers to your TV, that is a flat screen or any type of television. 

For you to do this, you will need a few things and these are: 

A Connector Cable and it has to be noted that your Klipsch Promedia comes with the correct Cable to plug into the TV. 

This implies that it will have a male 3.5 mm headphone plug on at least one end, which works so that it is plugged into the headphone jack of the television. Television with headphone jack and AC / Mains power wall outlet (if speakers are not battery powered)

First thing first is to put your speakers in a place of your preference while making sure that they are close enough to the TV with the aim that the connector cable should be able to reach between them and that they should be near a wall socket which is the power supply.  

Secondly, you have to check and see that your TV and Klipsch Promedia speakers are powered off.  

Thirdly, make sure that you connect the Cable’s headphone plug right into the TV’s headphone output jack. Keep in mind that when you plug cables or headphones into this jack, the television’s built-in speakers will be cut off and they will not make any sound. 

Furthermore, take the other end of the Cable and connect to the Klipsch Promedia speakers input jack. 

Finally, you plug the speakers into the wall socket, turn all the devices on and enjoy. Make sure to turn down the TV volume control initially because you might incur a lot of volumes that you are not normally used to.  

Connecting Tv speakers using RCA Jacks

This also an easy way to connect Klipsch Promedia speakers to your television especially when your TV has the right connectors. 

Checking the back panel of your television and then seeing RCA connectors means you are safe and good to go, although you will still need: Connector Cable, Television with RCA connectors on the back panel, and AC / Mains power wall outlet. 

The first thing you ought to do is put your speakers in a place where you are most comfortable for them to be while making sure that they are close enough to the TV with the aim that the connector cable can reach between them and that they are close enough to a wall socket for power. 

Your Television and Klipsch Promedia speakers should be powered off. 

The RCA Jack of the Cable should be plugged into the TV’s RCA output Jack’s usually at the back of the panel which cuts off the sound from the TV’s built-in speakers. 

In terms of the RCA Jack’s, one of the RCA Jack’s should have a red color and plug into the red outlet, and these need to be used for the red (right) speaker.   

In the case that you find yourself connecting more than two speakers, the TV must have more than 2 RCA outlet connectors on the back.

This is so as they are used for surround sound and make sure there are 2 for front speakers, 2 for surround speakers, 1 for the speaker in the front center, and the subwoofer should also be allocated one.  

The next step is for you to connect the Cable’s other end right into the Klipsch Promedia speakers input jack.  

Keep in mind that different speaker systems usually have their connectors in different places, some on each speaker or in one place, and it might be on the left or right speaker of the subwoofer.  

Do not forget to take the red Cable to the right speaker and then the surround sound should match the outputs with the inputs, meaning that the subwoofer output should go right to the subwoofer’s input, the right rear output should go into the right rear speaker and the center speaker output must match with the center channel center. 

This is now the time you plug the Klipsch Promedia 2.1 speakers into the wall and then you can turn everything on while making sure that TV volume control is turned way down at first to avoid noise. 

Take note that when you are using RCA Jack’s, the television’s internal speakers might not be cut off automatically. So go to the TV’s menu and turn them off if they are still making sound and turn them off. If you find trouble in doing this, make use of your TV’s owner manual to find such specific functions.  

Connecting Tv speakers via Wireless Bluetooth.

If you have used Bluetooth connection before, you can agree with me that this is technically the easiest connection method among these three connection methods in the discussion. 

In another case that you have never used this type of connection before, it is easy to learn and after the first time, it will happen automatically in the future. 

Bluetooth is fully wireless and the only Cable which will be involved in this connection is the one to be used in plugging the speakers into the wall.

Firstly, take your speakers and place them where you want them while making sure that they are close to the wall socket for power. 

Your speakers should be turned on and they should be discoverable. 

Keep in mind that different speakers use different methods for Bluetooth pairing and a need for you to consult their owner’s manual for the directions that will help you in this. 

Choose the Bluetooth pairing option with the aid of the television’s setup menu. Furthermore, consult your television’s owner’s setup manual for the directions you need to use in terms of Bluetooth procedures. 

Let the TV discover the Klipsch Promedia 2.1 speakers and you should be good to go. 

Most importantly, check that your TV volume is turned way down at first with the aim of avoiding too much volume upon turning on the system. 

In another case, if you are making use of surround speakers, you definitely need to make the right selection in your TV’S setup menu. 

If you are impressed by this concept of wireless speakers but then you find yourself in a situation where your TV does not have Bluetooth, no problem, you can solve this by connecting a cool little Bluetooth adapter the headphone jack of your TV. 

You can make a great pick without having to spend much, you can purchase a Taotronics Bluetooth 5.0 transmitter and receiver.  

Quick Handy Information On The Klipsch Promedia 2.1 Speaker System.

The Klipsch Pro Media speakers are not newly introduced to the audio market. In fact, it is one of the best classic speaker systems that has been upgraded and improved until today, where it is celebrated as one of the oldest PC/TV/Gaming audio systems. 

These speakers have existed on the market and are still dubbed as one of the most popular speaker tv speakers systems up to now. It is a great choice for gamers and people wishing to add flavor to their TV’S sound output. 

Klipsch Pro Media speaker probably looked futuristic when it was made, but it is simple and stylish if we compare it to today’s TV sound systems. This speaker system can transform your room into a mini home theater, although it can not replace the normal surrounding system.

The subwoofer can go down to 31Hz, which is pretty low for its size, and those two-way satellites with recognizable Klipsch MicroTractrix horn tweeters and mid-bass woofers deliver rich and detailed mids and highs.

They produce a great quality sound which is very detailed and rich in sound perfect for gaming, music, and movies. It comes with separate subwoofer controls and it has quite simple installation procedures.

It has a quite simple but elegant design as the subwoofer is boxy and made of MDF. The bass reflex port is found on the front panel with the 6.5-inch driver located on the right side. 

 It features a powerful 130W subwoofer and two-way satellite speakers. They deliver quite amazing sound. 


The Klipsch Promedia 2.1 speakers are your best add-on external tv speakers that deliver a great and fantastic sound when connected to your TV. You can do this by connecting using headphone jacks, connecting using RCA Jack’s, and connecting using Bluetooth. Once you do this, you are good to go.

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