Height Speakers Vs. Ceiling Speakers, Which Is Better?

Height Speakers Vs. Ceiling Speakers, Which Is Better

Height speakers and ceiling speakers offer the best surround sound system upgrades on a budget, especially if you are looking to set up your home with an affordable surround sound system, hieght or ceiling speakers are an excellent choice.

But, which is better between the height speakers Vs ceiling speakers for Tv and music sound system setup?

Height speakers are far much better for your home theater surround sound listening ambience than ceiling speakers. Though both height and ceiling speakers offer the best sound listening experience, upfiring Atmos sound setup is an excellent option with height speaker than ceiling speakers.

The height speaker setup allows you to mount them in your room so they can flood the entire room with surround sound experience in one room or many other rooms in the house. While ceiling speakers can also achieve the same or somewhat closer, the much better choice is height speakers. 

The reason I say height speakers are much better is that they are usually larger, much more powerful and they have got the flexibility of being placed anywhere in the room effortlessly than ceiling speakers.

After researching and consulting recent home remodelings in the hometheater room construction projects, the majority of home owners preferred height speakers over ceiling speakers.

Though In-ceiling speakers offer huge aesthetics and decorative advantages, their disadvantages is what make the height speakers a much better choice.

So, at the end of this article, you will know exactly which speakers will suit your home or your living space best.

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A little About Speakers

Speakers are fast becoming ubiquitous electroacoustic transducers to have if you enjoy listening to quality music or movie watching experiences.

There are varying choices; from bookshelf speakers, desktop PC speakers, wall-mounted and in-wall speakers just to mention a few.

Their use is predominantly to convert an electrical audio signal into a corresponding sound. Over the years we have seen many different types of speakers being made but the widely used speaker is the dynamic speaker. The sound source is mostly amplified or made stronger by connecting the speaker to the audio power amplifier before the signal is sent to the speaker.

Height Speaker

Height speakers are widely used in homes where a speaker is mounted on the ceiling, on the wall or on the floor if the user so chooses. Height speakers come in pairs or they can come in as much as seven depending on whether you intend to create a surround sound listening experience or not.

Height Speakers Pros And Cons


  • They are affordable sound system equipment compared to the rest of other speaker options as not all height speakers are very expensive so that means most of us can actually afford them.
  • Height speakers support a lot of technology some can be connected directly to a mobile phone via Bluetooth
  • Height speakers offer the best sorround sound out there which might explain why most of them are so expensive. They offer some really crisp clear quality sound that will turn your home into a cinema. These speakers can make your gaming experience so real.
  • Height speakers give you an enveloping sound experience as they can be placed all around the house.
  • Height speakers are very easy to setup as well as to install them unlike ceiling speakers that often require a professional to install them.
  • Height speakers often come with a very powerful bass, and you do not necessarily need a lot of them in order to get the best surround sound, you can have just two of them and still experience the best surround sound in your home that is how powerful they really are.
  • With height speakers you can actually choose how high they should be unlike the ceiling speakers that are meant to be on the ceiling.
  • They give your sound a bit of height when they are placed on the right height, they offer surround sound that has got depth as well as the right height.
  • Height speakers are also very good for people who live in small places as they can be mounted on the wall that means you can save a lot of space on the ground.
  • The height speakers have got the ability to mimic surround sound.


  • Unlike the ceiling speakers,most of the height speakers are very expensive so not everyone can afford them.
  • Height speakers can take up a lot of room in the house if they are not positioned properly.
  • Height speakers will not always go along with your style in your home as they are very much visible on the wall unlike the ceiling speakers.
  • They can be very complicated to setup sometimes
  • With height speakers you will get a lot of wiring and if the wires are not positioned properly you can get a lot of untidiness visible on the wall as well as a lot of clutter.

Ceiling Speaker

A ceiling speaker is a speaker that can be placed or installed anywhere on the ceiling of the house, they are designed to be a permanent solution to your audio, and they will provide you with excellent, aesthetically pleasing sound for a very long time.

Ceiling Speakers Pros And Cons


  • The number one reason why ceiling speakers can be good for most people is that they are out of sight, which means people can enjoy surround sound without having to be seeing the speakers.
  • Ceiling speakers are also very good for people who live in small spaces, instead of having everything on the floor in a small room the speakers will be up on the ceiling hidden away.
  • Ceiling speakers are very affordable compared to the height speakers, they might not be as big or strong as height speakers but they do offer some respectable crisp and clear surround sound.
  • Ceiling speakers are also very attractive, they will not take away from your clean, sophisticated look no matter where you put them in the room. They will fit in with your style anywhere you place them whether it be in the living room area, outdoor area, patio or the outdoor entertainment space.
  • In ceiling speakers also offer multi-dimensional sound. They sort of bring new height to your sound, whether your sound system comes with a sound base, a sound bar or a simple traditional surround system setup that has a receiver, at the end of the day the ceiling speakers will make your sound have a little more height and clarity.


  • Ceiling speakers have got a much narrower sound, that is their major downside, they also have got less technology and also just one of them won’t make much impact so the thing is you have to purchase several of them or a package in order for them to really make the perfect impact on your sound when you are watching tv, listening to music or simply just playing games.

Difference Between Ceiling And Height Speakers

The main difference between ceiling speakers and height speakers is that ceiling speakers are meant to be mounted on the ceiling, usually in-ceiling they cannot be mounted anywhere else in the room either than the ceiling. 

While on the other hand the height speakers can be mounted on the ceiling as well but the consumer can have other options.

Height speakers can also be mounted on the wall or on the floor. With height speakers, the owner can choose how high they should be for their own comfort. 

In terms of color, the ceiling speakers mostly come in white color in order to match the ceiling and they are usually smaller than the height speakers which is how they can be hidden away perfectly on the ceiling and become hardly noticeable.

Height speakers are usually black in color and are a lot bigger, even though they are mounted on the wall or on the ceiling they are very much visible because of their size. When it comes to sound the height speakers are much more superior to the ceiling speakers. They offer more base and much crisper clear surround sound they are also much louder compared to the ceiling speakers.

In terms of price, the ceiling speakers are very much affordable meanwhile the height speakers are very expensive.

When it comes to placement the ceiling speakers can fit into any room without taking up much space, there is not much that can be placed on the ceiling either than the light bulb and the chandelier so the speakers will fit in perfectly hidden away no matter how small the room really is.

On the other hand, the height speakers can take up a bit of space depending on how high they are placed on the wall, they are also very much visible so mostly they are more suitable for a bit bigger living areas.

More Reasons Why Height Speakers Are Much Better Than Ceiling Speakers

  • The height speakers give the user some more placement options, meanwhile the ceiling speakers are not that flexible and can only be mounted on the ceiling.
  • The height speakers offer a much better sound, though very expensive you still get value for your money if you of course do not mind spending a little bit more for your home entertainment sound system.
  • The height speakers have got a classier look compared to the ceiling speakers, they come in a matte black that will give your room that modern look.


Height speakers might be more superior but the ceiling speakers are also a very good option, they offer some decent surround sound and still come at a very good price that most of us can actually afford. If you are looking for speakers just to improve your entertainment center then the ceiling speakers are still a very good option but if you want the best then there is only one way forward and that is to purchase the height speakers.

At the end of the day, it all depends on your living space and your budget.

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