HDMI to DVI: 10 Must-Know HDMI to DVI Conversion Adapter Facts.

10 Must-Know HDMI to DVI Conversion Adapter Facts.

HDMI conversion to DVI and DVI to HDMI has been the best option for connecting gaming rigs. I have split streams to multiple tv monitors with an HDMI adapter, connected my laptop to a tv monitor, and brought along classic blu-ray players into modern high frame rates TV monitors that can handle 1080 or 4k streams thanks to HDMI adapters and splitters. 

If you have recently upgraded to a smart TV, your 1080 tv monitor might be pitch-perfect, but what’s the point in that if your classic PCs or cable box can not connect to your smart tv or gaming set up because of the lack of an HDMI port or DVI port in which it can plugin? 

You can not change up their original connection, but you can optimize your pairing using HDMI to DVI or DVI to HDMI conversion adapter cables to make the old audio and video gadgets work together seamlessly with HDMI enabled gadgets.

But, what are HDMI to DVI adapters and some ideas on how to improve the connection between legacy audio and video sound systems for maximum interconnectivity between the old and new technology cable plugin ports?

HDMI is your best choice of cable adapter if you have to connect a laptop, gaming console, Blu-ray player, or any other streaming device to your modern smart TV monitor that has only HDMI in port. 

DVI to HDMI adapters are also handy and a good choice if you’re looking to pair up your new laptop, gaming rig or cable box that has a DVI in port so you can get the most out your classic gadget while using both new and old technology for high frame rate on a 1080p monitor. 

The latest graphics cards are undoubtedly embracing the popular 4K gaming resolution and if you want 120Hz refreshing rates, using HDMI to DVI adapter cables makes that possible.

Do You Really Need HDMI to DVI Conversion Adapters?

HDMI to DVI adapters can allow you to connect HDMI laptop to DVI only tv or screen monitors, so they are quite handy adapter cables in that sense.

Laptops with HDMI port are fast becoming more popular than those with DVI and VGA, so if you have an older laptop, the chances are that the only way to connect it to a modern smart tv with an HDMI port is use a cable adapter. This connection is only possible if you can buy a DVI or VGA adapter to plug into an HDMI or DisplayPort input on your monitor

However, the DVI conversion will require audio cabling as DVI cables do not transfer audio and the video signals together as an HDMI will do. 

Does HDMI Affect Performance?

HDMI cables do not affect your gaming performance, neither does it degrade the video quality as both DVI and HDMI handle file conversion in their raw digital format. HDMI cables handle uncompressed video and compressed audio seamlessly without degrading the original quality and throughput performance. 

The idea that an HDMI adapter may affect your gaming audio and video quality performance would have only been possible if the frames per second were determined by the ways you convert from HDMI to DVI or DVI to HDMI. Let alone the way how you connect your display monitors won’t affect the quality or the content output performance. 

What is HDMI And How Does It Work?

HDMI is also known as the High-Definition Multimedia Interface, a proprietary audio and video peripheral capable of handling both compressed and uncompressed data files. This proprietary audio/video interface transmits compressed or uncompressed digital audio data from any available HDMI-compliant source. In many cases, the devices include display controllers, compatible laptops or computer monitors, video projectors, and digital cable television boxes.

Behind the HDMI technology, genius is the application’s ability to find and re-assemble strings of data signals in your sound systems file transmissions to pair them back in time for display on your 4K monitor. 

Does HDMI Cable Affect Internet Connection?

Contrary to popular beliefs, plugging in an HDMI Adapter Cable does not slow down the Wifi Internet Connection. However, if you are experiencing a sudden internet slowdown as soon as you plug in your HDMI cable into your smart tv, there are obvious causes that you might want to investigate. 

Your slow Internet connection might appear as being triggered by the HDMI when in reality, it could be a problem with your modem or router throttling set up by your internet or Wi-Fi supplier. 

Most internet suppliers automatically throttle excessive use of data if your internet subscription package does not support streaming online like Netflix or Apple Tv. If your HDMI is also connected to a splitter, expect that devices on your network saturate your bandwidth, or even a slow DNS server. 

Some HDMI setups may appear like the HDMI is the cause. Instead of putting the computer slowing problem squarely on an HDMI cable, taking steps to troubleshoot on a step by step helps you pin down the real cause other than assuming it is a the HDMI cable.

What Is HDMI to DVI Adapter Used For?

HDMI to DVI adapter is suited for use in scenarios where a cable box or your laptop has DVI out, but on the TV or monitor, you intend to connect to only has an HDMI port in. In this case, a DVI-to-HDMI adapter cable is a perfect solution to connect the video source to the display unit. 

Though, the HDMI to DVI conversion with an adapter cable is seamless. You will have to figure out how your audio will be cabled separately as DVI data signals will only transfer video. At the same time, the HDMI can bundle both audio and video together. At their termination, the HDMI circuit detects the DVI signals and switches to the DVI protocol.

Do HDMI to DVI Adapters Work Both Ways.

You may have seen HDMI to DVI adapters as well as DVI to HDMI adapters, and you are probably wondering if they are the same or not. So, Is HDMI to DVI bidirectional?

The HDMI to DVI adapter works in both ways as a bidirectional cable. HDMI and DVI work perfectly if you need to convert data (audio and video) from HDMI to DVI, but you can also use it to convert DVI signal to HDMI for gadgets with miss-matched cable ports. 

HDMI and DVI’s ability to have two devices that cannot communicate when one has a DVI port and the other has an HDMI port makes these adapters a perfect and handy cable adapter for you use to get them to work together seamlessly.

Just take a closer look at these two cables and you will notice how inherently are not that different at all. From the connector’s design look and feel, which are pretty much the same to look at, to the way they are used and implemented into your audio or video sound system.

HDMI to DVI adapters can work in both ways. This is because the adapter uses the same type of digital signal in order to transmit data through the cables. The difference comes because HDMI is capable of transmitting audio signals while DVI only transmits video signals. Hence, when you have an HDMI to DVI adapter, you can also use it as a DVI to HDMI adapter. 

Before you buy the HDMI to DVI adapter, you need to check if it has a female end or a male end. It would be best if you double-checked what your monitor or TV can accept so that you do not get the wrong connector. 

If you want an adapter that can go both ways. It would help if you chose adapters that can be used both ways. Such adapters are capable of converting HDMI to DVI as well as DVI to HDMI. 

High definition media interface (HDMI ) transfers uncompressed audio signals as well as video signals. It does this using cables. It can be used to connect to your television, to a monitor, laptop and so many other devices. 

When the signal is uncompressed, it will be transferred the same way that it is without any alteration. HDMI uses cables and connectors that are capable of transmitting 3D video signals, 4K content and audio. 

In most HDTVs, you will find HDMI ports on which you can connect the HDMI cable. These ports can also be found in Blu-ray players, soundbars and even in some laptops. Digital video interface (DVI) is starting to thin out. 

It was very common in computer monitors but now most monitors use HDMI, which is more like a new version of DVI. A DVI cable is capable of handling resolution of 2560 to 1600p. It does not transmit audio. 

Does HDMI to DVI Adapter Reduce Quality?

DVI-D to HDMI adapter does not reduce audio or video quality, let alone a graphics card’s performance. And that’s because DVI and HDMI carry the same digital signal type, thereby making the HDMI to DVI adapter a seamless flow of data signals without altering their original format and quality. 

HDMI and DVI’s only difference is that HDMI can carry other signals such as audio,video and Ethernet while the DVI can not. In a nutshell, doing a DVIHDMI conversion or HDMI to DVI conversion will not degrade or reduce audio and video quality.

Is HDMI to DVI Adapter Worth It?

There is no doubt that DVI and HDMI are worth it as they have the same digital video format that they use to transmit video, so you can still use two unparallel audio sound systems regardless of not sharing the same port. In simple terms, if you want to transmit video only, It is possible to use an HDMI to DVI adapter but you can also use a cable that will alter the physical connections where incompatible connection data ports collide. 

An HDMI to DVI adapter is a technology that converts the HDMI signal into a DVI signal. It will transmit a digital signal from the HDMI source so that it can be viewed on the DVI device using the same digital format. 

When you want to transmit audio signals. You may need to have a converter that will send the video over to the DVI and another cable that will send the audios. 

Choosing an HDMI to DVI Adapter Cable

There are so many factors that you need to put into consideration when you are choosing an HDMI to DVI adapter. You need to think about it’s compatibility to your devices. Build quality as well as it’s quality. 


One of the most important things you need to consider is the HDMI length to DVI adapter cable. 

HDMI format is very popular and capable of handling many connections, including Ethernet, audio, 3D content, Ethernet and many more. 

It also boasts so many other features. The DVI on the other hand is only good for video transmission. 

Do not go for a very long length cable because you may end up experiencing a lot of signal problems. It is recommended that the maximum should be 15 feet in order to avoid those signal problems. 

Type of connectivity

You need to consider the kind of connection that you need for your deuces. There are so many connection types for both HDMI and DVI. HDMI has a wire version that also has a lot of pins for transmission. 

It also has a smaller version with less pins. On the other hand, DVI has a variety of versions such as DVI-I, DVI-A and DVI-D. The DVI-I supports both analog and digital connections. DVI-A supports analog connections only and DVI-D supports digital connections only. 

This will also differ in the kind of their pins that they have. Therefore, make sure to know the type of connection that you are looking for before purchasing. 

Video Quality

The quality of the video can also be affected by the kind of adapter that you choose. If you get an adapter that has cheap quality, you are likely to be faced with a low-quality video. 

Optimal signal transfer

The adapter you choose should be able to transmit your signals without any problems. Choose good adapters from good brands. They should be well protected and have had ends that prevent corrosion.

Build Quality

You obviously don’t want to choose an adapter that will start giving you problems a few weeks after purchase. Therefore, make sure that the adapter you choose has a good build quality. It should be free from corrosion. 

Water-resistant and change in weather should not affect it. Gi for gold plated adapter cables if you want to avoid corrosion. You should also check for shielding as well as cable thickness. 

How to make the HDMI to DVI conversion work

In order to make sure that the HDMI to DVI connection works properly, you need to buy an adapter. This also allows you to use it several times. 

You can also use a cable that has an HDMI connector on one end, the other end has a DVI connector. 

Connect the HDMI to the source and the DVI to your other device. To transmit audio from your source device, you need to have another cable that can transmit the audio. 

Once everything is set. You should now test the system. Make sure that you have connected everything properly then begin the testing by powering on your television. 

Some of the best adapters

CableCreation Gold-Plated DVI to HDMI Adapter

This adapter is a bi-directional adapter. This means that it can be used as HDMI to DVI or DVI to HDMI. This adapter is able to transmit 1080l HD content. However, you need to transmit the audio separately. It is a very portable adapter and easily works with most of your pieces of equipment. 

The adapter has a great build quality. It has ends that are gold plated. This helps in preventing corrosion. It has textured thumb screws. These are used to make the connection on your adapter even tighter and prevents them from slipping out. 

It has a body that ensures that you get a firm grip when you want to pull the adapter in and out. The adapter is wireless. Therefore, this very portable and can easily be carried around. 

BlueRigger High-Speed HDMI to DVI Adapter Cable

This adapter is very good. It has a sturdy design and the build quality is very impressive. The adapter also has cabling in various lengths. It is a great choice for HDTV, monitors or setting up a home theater.

The adapter comes with different cabling lengths including 3, 6, 10, 15, 25, and 35 feet. All the cables have gold plated ends. The signal that they provide is excellent. The gold plating helps in preventing corrosion. 

The cables are also thick and well protected. It also has thumb screws that allow you to secure the DVI end. This adapter makes use of the male HDMI to make a DVI connection.

This does not carry audio because of the DVI end. Hence, if you want audio you need a separate cable or any other way to have the sound. 

StarTech 8” HDMI to DVI-D Video Cable Adapter

This is different from the Bluerigger adapter and the cable creation. They use a male HDMI to make a DVI configuration. They also use a male to female configuration. With this adapter, you can easily pair your monitors or hour laptops together. 

It has a cable length of 8 inches. The cable has braided shielding which adds some protection to it. It is also made of aluminum mylar foil. With this adapter, you will not need to have multiple adapters for connections. This has a connector with DVI-D pins instead of DVI-I pins. 


HDMI to DVI adapters are capable of working both ways. However, you need to take note of the kind of adapter that you purchase. Bi-directional adapters are the ones that can work both ways, while some will not work both ways.

 An HDMI to DVI adapter that works both ways can convert HDMI to DVI and DVI to HDMI. 

Therefore, with these adapters, you will not need a separate adapter for either of those conversions. There are so many things that you can consider when you are looking for HDMI to DVI adapters, including compatibility, build quality, video quality, and more. This will ensure that you get the best out of your HDMI adapter. 

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