Which speaker is better between the R1700BT and the R1280DB?

Which speaker is better between the R1700BT and the R1280DB?

Edifier R1280DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers and the Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers are not your average speaker systems. So when they go on ahead to head comparison you better pay attention as these speakers come packed with features like active near-field studio monitoring capability along with tweeter domes in a sleek and stylish classic wooden finish for a Powered 2.0 Speakers of this price range.

With all things said, which speaker is better between the R1700BT and the R1280DB? 

After thorough research and intuitive comparison between EDIFIER 1700BT VS R1280DB, our testing confirmed that the Edifier 1700bt is the best bookshelf monitoring speaker system for sound clarity, bass and surround sound listening experience. 

While the Edifier R1280DB is not far behind the 1700bt, the tweeter size you get in the edifier 1700bt is far superior to the edifier R1280dbIt’s little subtle differences like those that make edifier 1700bt to stand out as the best bookshelf speaker over the R1280DB.

On the other hand, the edifier 1700bt may be a step up in price. Still, I can see why most of you seriously look at which speaker is best between the edifier 1700bt vs R1280DB as the 1700bt makes up for it with unparalleled sound quality, punchy bass, sleek and superior construction for the beautiful sound it delivers. 

Interestingly, in the world of sound and acoustic experience, experts have a saying which say “it’s even more expensive to buy cheap”. 

Still, any of these speaker systems is good enough, but our recommendation for both quality and budget pick goes to edifier 1700bt as an excellent choice for R1280DB speakers.

When it comes to comparing the two speakers, we look at the sound quality, this is what plays a major role in determining the best speaker. 

Most of the time the price does not play a big role because you might find that a speaker that is priced lower is better than a speaker that is more expensive. Therefore, here is a comparison to help you choose the best speaker between the edifier R1700BT and the R1280DB.

Edifier R1700BT

The edifier R1700BT is a speaker that uses a 2.0 setup system. You can use the speaker for your game console, personal computer or the Tv in order to improve the sound. The speaker has a good design and great features. The total power output of this speaker is 66 watts. The speaker also uses DRC and DSP. 


  • Frequency response of 60Hz to 20KHz
  • X2 RCA inputs
  • 4 inches bass driver
  • 19mm silk dome tweeter
  • Dimensions (each speaker): 6 x 8 x 9.75 inches
  • Active speaker
  • Bluetooth connectivity 
  • 85db signal to noise ratio

The design and features

The R1700BT has a great design and a good look. the speaker has a sturdy design and a solid build. The speaker has a body that is black and walnut vinyl finish. 

The speaker’s body is also made using medium density fiberboard wood. This allows the speaker to easily fit into your home. The design of the speaker has a 10-degree slant that points upwards. 

This speaker also has built-in controls like the treble, the volume and the bass controls. These controls are located on the right side of the speaker. 

This speaker also comes with a remote control that is made of plastic materials and it is slim. The remote control is very useful and allows you to change the volume and change some inputs just using your hand without reaching for the speaker. The remote control has 6 buttons. 

This speaker also allows you to plug some inputs like the CD players. The speaker has two RCA inputs that are located on the back panel, it also has a power switch. You can also plug this speaker into your TV, your game consoles as well as the computer. 

The speaker uses Bluetooth connectivity. this allows you to easily pair it up with your smart devices. you can us the volume control in order to select the input source that you want by simply pushing it. The speaker also allows you to reset the Bluetooth pairing by simply holding and pushing the volume control button. 

The speaker also has a 5-pin connector that you can use to connect to the passive speaker. The speaker also uses Digital Signal Processing and Dynamic Range Control. These help in preventing distortion. 

Sound Quality

The R1700BT has a frequency response of 60Hz to 20kHz.The sound quality is good for an average consumer. The sound may not be enough those kinds of consumers that like high-end sounds. 

The bass offered by the speaker is good for the price it comes for. The speaker has a 4-inch woofer and a 19mm silk dome tweeter. The treble driver that is found in this speaker is smaller as compared to the one found in the 1280db. 

The pros

  • It has an attractive look
  • Great sound quality
  • Uses Bluetooth wireless connectivity
  • Great versatility

The Cons

  • The Bluetooth is sensitive 

Edifier R1280DB

The edifier R1280DB is a powered speaker. The speaker has a good style and it is a very good bookshelf speaker for both the TV or a PC. The speaker has analog inputs as well as digital inputs. The speaker also has Bluetooth connectivity. the e1280db uses a remote control and has a very easy setup process. The total power output of this speaker is 42 watts. The price that it comes in is very affordable and around the range of $120. 

The specifications

  • 2.0 speaker channel system
  • Dimensions of 7.7 x 5.7 x 9.2 inches
  • 2 digital inputs
  • 2 analogue inputs
  • Woofer(116mm) and tweeter(13mm)
  • Active speaker
  • Frequency response of 55Hz to 20kHz
  • 85dBA signal to noise ratio

The design and features 

The edifier R1280DB has the dimensions 146 x 241 x 178 mm on each speaker. They are very good speakers that can be placed next to a monitor that is small, medium or large. They are also very good speakers that can be placed to medium sized TVs. 

The build quality of this speaker is very good. The speaker has a standard medium density fiberboard and vinyl wrap. The vinyl wrap can come in black finish or brown wood. The speaker can last very long and they have a solid feel, the speaker also comes with a remote control. 

The remote control is made of plastic and the top part is glossy. The remote control has 12 buttons and easy to use. with the remote control you can easily adjust the volume and control the bass or the trebles easily from a distance without actually touching the speaker. 

This speaker has a removable grille. Behind the grille there are two drivers as well as a bass port. The speaker has rounded corners and a chromed plastic stripe that is on the middle of the speaker. 

The speaker comes with a 4-inch woofer and a 13mm silk dome tweeter. 

The right speaker is an active speaker and the left speaker is passive. On the back of right speaker there are analogue inputs, there are also optical digital and phono inputs. On the left speaker there is also a power switch. 

The right speaker also contains the volume control, the treble control as well as the bass control. The controls are smooth. There is also a LED indicator that shows the amount of power, the Bluetooth status and the input.

The speaker has Bluetooth wireless connectivity. with this you can be able to enjoy and listen to the speakers using this speaker without worrying about any wires. 

The Bluetooth allows you to wirelessly connect the speakers to your phone, table or personal computers. It has optical inputs as well as coaxial inputs. These allow you to connect the speakers to the TV or the computer with a lossless connection. 

The sound quality 

The sound quality that is offered by the R1280DB is very impressive. It has well balanced mids and highs. The speaker also gives flat responses and it is a very good speaker for music production. This speaker also helps in some mixing skills. 

The speaker has a 4-inch woofer and the lows are well balanced. The bass is very good but it is not an earth-shattering bass for those people who love heavy bass. 

The sound produced by this speaker is also loud for this speaker. The only problem is that there is some distortion when the volume is very high. 

R1280DB pros

  • The sound offered is of good quality
  • Great features
  • Design is attractive
  • Bluetooth connectivity and remote control

R1280DB Cons

  • There is distortion when the volume is high

 Differences and similarities between R1700BT and the R1280DB

Both the edifier R1700BT and R1280DB have Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to easily connect devices like tablets, phones and personal computers. 

When it comes to the design these two speakers have a lot of similarities between them. The speakers have audio inputs. They both have digital inputs and phono that are located on the bottom of the speaker.

With the edifier R1700BT you can use it with a lot of devices. This speaker allows you to use it with your personal computer, gaming console as well as the PC. The speaker also uses digital processing that helps in preventing distortion. 

When it comes to the sound quality, the edifier R1700BT has a 19mm tweeter and a 4-inch driver whereas the edifier 1280db has a 13mm silk dome tweeter with a driver that is 4 inches. 

The tweeter in the edifier R1700BT and the bass driver ensures that the sounds produced have clear highs and that the lows are rich. The 13mm tweeter and the driver in the edifier R1280DB ensure that the sounds produced are natural and well balanced. 

The R1700BT has two aux inputs that allow you to connect a device that a dual output or a 3.5mm output. It also allows you to connect up to two devices. The r1280T has coaxial inputs and optical inputs. 


In order to make a choice between the edifier 1700bt or the edifier 1280db the decision highly depends on your personal preference as well as the amount you are willing to spend on the speakers. The speakers have a lot of similarities between them. 

The edifier 1700bt has a tweeter that is bigger in size as compared to the tweeter that is found in the edifier 1280db. The speaker is also more expensive as compared to the edifier 1280db and other respectable desktop speaker models

On the sound quality, the 1700bt is a good choice for those people who like sound with some good highs. 

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