Can You Swim With Waterproof Headphones? [ Best Headphones For Swimming 2021 ]

best swimming headphones

Listening to music while swimming, surfing, or running outdoors in the rain requires excellent weatherproof headphones with a suitable IPX rating. Though there are plenty of good pairs of headphones that are 100% waterproof, to continue listening to your favorite tunes while doing swimming means finding which waterproof headphones can be used for swimming, surfing, or running in the rain safely. 

Typically, waterproof headphones with an IPX8 rating can be used for swimming. While most headphones are marked as waterproof or sweatproof, the capability for headphones to be used for swimming depends on whether the actual IPX8 is indicated, as not all waterproof headphones can be used in water when swimming. 

The degree of waterproofness differs between the headphones. Some headphones can be immersed in water and used for swimming, while others are not immersible. 

Waterproof headphones have the same functionality as basic headphones. The only difference is that the waterproof headphones have waterproofed internal circuitry and most of their internal components are waterproofed. In addition to that, some waterproof headphones are designed to be specifically used for swimming. On the other hand, some waterproof headphones are only water-resistant. 

Therefore, the key factor that one needs to know is the waterproof rating to determine whether the headphones are suitable for swimming or not. The IPX indicator will be able to tell you whether the particular headphones are completely waterproof or just water-resistant. 

Swimming headphones allow you to listen to music even when you are deep in water. Some of these headphones even give you very clear sounds as compared to other headphones, giving you a great listening experience. 

Understanding IPX Rating

IP rating stands for ingress rating. This is what defines the level of effectiveness or sealing of devices. It defines how electrical devices are protected from intrusion by dust, dirt, moisture, and other foreign bodies. 

Electrical devices are given IP numbers which tell you how well protected they are. IP numbers range from 0/X to 10. They tell you the degree of protection that the particular headphones have. The first number stands for protection against solid objects, the second number stands for protection against water. 

For example, some headphones are rated IPX7, IPX8, IPX6, IPX4, and so on. Headphones with a rating of IPX8 are more protected from elements than those rated IPX6, IPX7, or IPX4. IPX8 headphones are well protected from water and any solid elements. 

These are the perfect headphones for swimming. IPX7 headphones do not necessarily claim to be waterproof. However, they can still be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes. On the other hand, IPX6 headphones are only protected from water splashes and cannot be submerged in water. 

What are the best headphones for swimming

Generally, the best headphones to use for swimming are the ones that are IPX8 rated and have an in-ear design. This is because this in-ear design allows these headphones to be secure in your ear no matter how you swim. Complete wireless headphones also work very well. 

Other headphones with a wire are also great since this wire helps ensure that they stay secure. 

You should also consider using headphones that will not require any kind of connection to your phone. A connection to your phone can easily be disrupted once underwater. Therefore, the best headphones for swimming are those that have built-in storage for your music. 

In addition to that, the sound quality that these headphones provide needs to be of good quality even when you are underwater. 

Factors to consider when buying Bluetooth waterproof headphones for swimming

Battery life: One of the most important aspects that one needs to consider when it comes to a pair of Bluetooth headphones is battery life. Most Bluetooth headphones that are waterproof use wireless technology. They also include a built-in mp3 player, because of this, they use the battery to work. Choose those headphones that have a battery life with high capacity. A least for hours or more.

 Connector type: The type of connectors that the headphones use must also be taken into account. Some headphones use proprietary chargers or connectors. Such headphones are not compatible with most chargers out there because these are unique. Hence, when the charger breaks down, you will find it hard to replace. Choose those headphones that have a universal connector. 

Sound Quality: Sound quality is a great concern when choosing any headphones, whether for swimming or not. When you are choosing a pair of waterproof headphones, choose the ones that have good sound quality so that you are not disturbed by water splashes. The sounds produced should not be muffled in any kind of way. 

Comfort: In-ear headphones are very comfortable for swimming. There are also other headphones called bone conduction headphones, these headphones transmit sounds to the temporal bone using the bones on your face. 

The sounds are sent in a form of vibration. Regardless of the kinds of headphones that you choose, make sure to choose the very comfortable ones for you. The fit should be comfortable enough for you to swim around while wearing them easily. 

Waterproof Rating: This is the most important factor that one needs to know when choosing waterproof headphones for swimming. Waterproof headphones are the ones that have a rating of IPx7 or IPx8. Most headphones that have a rating of IPX8 can only be submerged in water for a maximum of 30 minutes. 

Durability: When choosing headphones it is very important to choose durable ones. For waterproof headphones, choose headphones that are higher than IPX8 so that you can use them for a long time. Headphones that have an IPX rating of 7 usually have a limitation of 30 minutes in water. 

It is also very important to understand the difference between water resistance and waterproof. Waterproof is the ones immersed in water. 

Form Factor: Headphones are available in a lot of designs. The design also plays an important role in what they will be used for when looking for swimming headphones. It would be best if you considered the form factor of your headphones. 

You need to ensure that there stay secure on your head, the headphones should not fall off while you are swimming. If you are choosing wired headphones, make sure that the cables will not get tangled easily when swimming. You may even choose headphones that you can easily strap to your swimming cap, ensuring they are secured.

Wireless vs wired: You need to consider the connectivity that the headphones you are choosing use. In water, Bluetooth connectivity can be very bad. Therefore, you may need to consider headphones that do not use Bluetooth connectivity. 

 Built-in MP3 Players: Some Bluetooth headphones have built-in MP3 players. Here, you use the headphones storage to play music. Therefore consider the amount of storage space that these headphones have. This will be able to tell you the number of songs you can put in. 

Best swimming headphones

The following are some of the best swimming headphones that are available on the market today. 

1.Aftershokz Xtrainerz

These are very good headphones for swimming. These headphones have an IP rating of IP68 which makes them completely waterproof. They use bone conduction to transmits sounds. The battery life of these headphones is up to 8 hours. In addition, they provide very clear sounds underwater. They are so compatible with goggles, earplugs as well as swim caps. 

  1. Swimbuds Sport Waterproof Headphones

These headphones use a wired design. They have a plug that helps in ensuring that the fit they provide is very secure. In terms of sound quality, these headphones do not disappoint. They are compatible with goggles and can easily be attached to your swimming costume. 

  1. Sony NW-WS413 Waterproof MP3 Player​

These wireless headphones are an excellent choice when it comes to swimming. They do not have a lot of wires that can trouble you during your swimming sessions. They have a lightweight, it also comes with a built-in music player compatible with a lot of music formats including Mp3, AAC, LPCM, WMA, and more. 

The audio quality provided by these headphones is very good and gives you a lot of hours to listen to music. They only take up to three minutes to fully charge. 

  1. SWMIUSK Waterproof Headphones

These are great headphones for anyone looking for affordable pair of waterproof headphones. They come at a good price. They are also 100 percent waterproof with a rating of IPX8. Their sound quality is also very good, they have a good length that allows you to comfortably swim. The design of these headphones is ergonomic ensuring comfortability even when used for a very long time. The coke with various ear tips in different sizes allows you to choose your ears’ best fit. The ear tips are also extremely comfortable ad allow you to use them for a long time. 


Waterproof headphones can be used for swimming, but not all waterproof headphones can be used for swimming. The headphones differ in terms of protection against water. Their IP rating determines this. The headphones that can be used for swimming are those with a rating of IP68 or more. There are so many factors that you need to consider when choosing headphones to use for swimming. Some of the factors include the form factor, built-in storage, battery life, and most importantly the IP rating. 

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