Are Floor Standing Speakers Better Than Bookshelf? ( It’s Not What You Think!)

Are Floor Standing Speakers Better Than Bookshelf

Wondering if floor standing speakers are better than bookshelf speakers?

Bookshelf and Floor standing speakers have a reputation for delivering the best sound setups you can ever think of. Whether your goal is to get the best surround sound setup for your home theater room or you want to hook up your speakers to a workstation in your home office.

Floor standing speakers offer the best audio setup options for a far more superior sound quality as they can be crafted to accommodate more drivers and more tweeters or cones specifically designed to meet particular needs. These speakers tend to offer a more generous and more resonant bass output. 

The way they are enclosed also contributes to how much sound they produce once the music is played. A great bass output will come from a big box that encloses the cone and vice versa. So, if you were wondering which is better between floor standing speakers and bookshelf speakers, wonder no more…

Floor standing speakers sound better than bookshelf speakers, and here’s why:

Floor standing speakers on stands are the most competently positioned to provide your a custom-designed surround sound listening atmosphere than what you get with bookshelf speakers. 

No doubt that both the bookshelf and floor standing speakers sound better. But floor-standing speakers provide a more superior sound as the more spacious your room and how open you place them apart (just about a foot or so away from the wall behind them), the more you give your speaker’s tweeter enough height of a seated listener’s ears. 

Floor Standing Speakers.

The popularity of Floor standing speakers since they came out years ago has never slowed down, and that’s because if you are aiming at achieving the best possible sound quality, floor standing speakers are a much better option than bookshelf speakers. 

However, suppose you are getting bookshelf speakers. In that case, I recommend that you put them at an elevated position using these amazing wall-speaker mounts available here on Amazon or go for floor these stylish universal speaker stands.


Rectangular Stand-alone speaker that is usually three fit tall. Fitted with more drivers that are placed on top for easy ear audibility in sound and bass. They are enclosed in a cabinet construction and are large in size


Due to the number of drivers included in the floor standing speakers there is a more acoustic specialized sound. The sound is rich and deep even on midrange frequencies. 

With the way its crafted to stand a meter apart on the floor, there is a balance in the output that translates to a solid bass response. May also include powered subwoofers to amplify low-frequency performance. They are often played at higher volumes.


Deep Rich Sound

With a set of different sizes and configuration of floor standing speakers, there is a guarantee of an amazing sound that is catered for by those different specifications and configurations. 

The tones and sounds that are produced are of a rich deep good quality acoustic sound. There is a full range impactful better base output giving it the best imaginable sound.

Striking Super cool Style

Come in attention and striking grabbing good looking speaker that amazing blends in with your room aesthetics. So if you are looking for a speaker with high-quality sound toppled with a cool look, go for floor standing speakers.

Amazing Versatility

Offers the purest and high quality range surround sound audio regardless of the media you are using. They have been specially crafted with an ability to produce any kind of sound. They maintain the quality of that new am a piano song, the playlist that has been integrated in the new Play station 5 and of course enough audibility for you to enjoy that trending series.

Connectivity Convenience

It provides various options for connecting devices such as a flash drive, memory card, and Bluetooth, making it convenient for the 21st century generations.



For the fact that a lot goes into the craftsmanship and engineering of floor standing speakers, the manufacturers want to at least make more than they invested. This makes floor standing speakers expensive and suitable for those that can afford luxury. The acoustic quality sounds come at quite a price.


With the design that they are tall and slender, they can take up a lot of space in the room where they a placed. It’s usually difficult to accommodate if you have limited space. Improper placement may actually inhibit the sound. 


The ability to manually control a floor-board speaker’s sound makes it easy to have them played at their loudest volume. This might irk neighbors and get you in trouble with the law for disturbing peace of others.

Cabinet Vibrations

These may arise overtime due to higher volumes or immediately because of poor workmanship. This becomes a problem especially for those that enjoy their music loud. 


Floor standing speakers cannot function without being connected to electricity. That means they become useless when there is a power outage.

Bookshelf Speakers

The main Alternative Small size speakers to floor standing speakers. They are best suited for stereos in a bedroom or a study room where sound is played at minimal volume. They are less expensive speakers that often have a low cabinet resonance. 

Due to their size, there is there is less bass in the output sound as it contains fewer number of drives that are small in size. This also affects depth and volume of the sound. They are good if you sticking to a moderate budget, want to avoid noise and have limitations in terms of space.


Commonly come in a compact box shape. They are at least on feet tall and have fewer drives because of their limited pace. For this reason, they need specialized stands, shelfs or table that are directly placed at ear level. 


Fewer drivers translate to a less powerful sound output because of low-superior frequency feedback. It means that the loudness and fullness of sound are compromised. For this reason, they are often used together with a high-powered subwoofer in a theater surround set-up. 

They do not produce high bass responses because of their design, making them underperform. They are usually played at minimal volumes regardless of where they are used. Others have built-in amplifiers making them independent music systems. 


Stereo setup

For a balanced and amazing stereo and theater sound feel and experience speaker’s bookshelf are the best. 

They can be placed in any corner of the house. 

Do not take up space.

They are compact and can be easily mounted in a place where they do not attract attention. On top of that, they are easy to move about if you want to watch that movie in your bedroom’s comfort or carry them when you are moving.


Using only a few materials like one driver and tweeter makes these speakers affordable to perfectly fit into even the tightest budget.

Cabinet Vibration free

They never vibrate because of how they are designed meaning that there is no sound distortion.

Charged for later use.

Most bookshelf speakers nowadays such as the Bluetooth speaker can be charged and used without power. So you can carry them to the park or for that jolly walk.


Limited Volume

They are minimal components used, this translates to a lesser volume and bass output therefore unsuitable for outdoor activities.

Require a stand and subwoofer

This means that it might seem affordable at first but becomes expensive when you have to buy a stand where they can rest on. 

Additionally, due to the limited sound, you might have to buy a separate subwoofer which means additional costs.

Limited three way options

It is mostly made up of just a tweeter and midrange this affects and limits the whole sound output.


Although most floor standing speakers produce naturally deep sound, it is important that speakers’ craftsmanship cannot be reversed. 

So if you are looking for a much deeper sound, you can add a separate powered subwoofer which often has an in-built sound amplifier. 

It is important to pay attention to the distance between floor board speakers to have a balanced sound. Half a distance apart is recommended. 

They have woofers that produce superior base sound which influences peoples’ choices over them compared to bookshelf speakers. 

Floor standing speakers come with dynamics that allow them to provide full-range sound and high efficiency, which makes better than bookshelf speakers.

When using bookshelf speakers, for maximum sound, place them on specialized stands, unlike an actual bookshelf, which may lessen their efficiency through sound absorption. When using a two pair bookshelf speaker, it is important to add a subwoofer to seal the gap at the sound system’s end.

The main factors that would influence your speaker choices may include space, budget, sound output, and course manufacturer. While this is true avoid getting the cheapest type of speakers regardless of whether they are floor-board or bookshelf as this stands to compromise quality. 

Find something within your budget that is considerably good in quality. Always ensure that you purchase your preferred type of speaker from a reputable manufacturer by reading reviews and researching widely about the product itself.

The best speakers that money can buy and are better than the bookshelf speakers are the Floor standing speakers. They have undeniable full range natural sound, an amplified bass, a super cool modern style and complex engineering and craftsmanship in comparison to bookshelf speakers. 

However, your needs will greatly influence your decision on which one is best for you. In the end, whichever speaker you settle foe comes down to preference and the kind of environment you leave in.

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