Are Ceiling Mounted Speakers Good For Surround Sound?

Are Ceiling Mounted Speakers Good For Surround Sound?

Ceiling mounted speakers are very good for surround sound setup options for an immersive, rich audio quality, and if you are looking for ways to improve your home audio equipment, ceiling-mounted speakers are an excellent addition to your shopping list.

Why Ceiling Speakers Are Better For Surround Sound?

Installation Location: Ceiling speakers have a design that allows them to be placed in your ceiling easily, run your wiring to your audio video receiver or home theater sound system. And your ceiling speakers will calibrate themselves to act as your rear speakers in your surround sound system. This setup often works with a 5.1 setup but if you have a budget that allows for a couple of 2-way ceiling speakers this system setup also works well with that too.

Rich Sound Saturation: Ceiling speakers offer a rich quality sound for a surround sound. And, if you want to saturate your entire house with rich sound, ceiling speakers are also a good add-on to have for your home sound setup.

There are many reasons why the ceiling speakers are considered great for surround sound or immersive experience. Ceiling speakers can be used in home theatre rooms as well as for multi-room audio. You can also mount the ceiling speakers as rear channels. This allows for a greater sound experience.

They are hidden

The main advantage of using ceiling speakers is that they do not clutter a room. They are not messy and do not take up much of the space in your room. Using these speakers also helps in adding some aesthetics because it gives you sound without having to deal with much cables.


Ceiling speakers also provide a lot of flexibility. This is because you do not have to worry about how you will have to position your room’s furniture because of the speakers. There are also a few cables that you have to worry about. There are also a lot of options in which you can place ceiling speakers to ensure that you have a lot of space left. 

Surround and immersive feel

Ceiling speakers really give you a complete immersive feeling than most speakers. For other types of speakers like bookshelf speakers, it may require you to add some equipment in order to have that immersive feeling. These speakers also have a back box that ensures high sound quality. 

Factors to consider when choosing a ceiling speaker system for surround sound

There are two main factors that one must consider when planning on getting a ceiling speaker system; the number of speakers that will be needed in each room as well as the size of the room that the speakers will be in. Another additional factor to consider is what function will the speakers be used for. Placement is also another factor to consider.

Number of speakers

The number of ceiling speakers you may need to have in your room will depend on your room’s size. If you have a room that measures 3m x 3m or larger, you may need to have at least one ceiling speaker pair. You may need two pairs of ceiling speakers for a room that measures 5m x 5m or larger. This ensures that the sounds are well balanced out and give you that immersive feeling you are looking for. 


When placing your speakers or choosing where to place them, you need to carefully evaluate everything to get the best results and good sound quality in your room. You can also ask an A/V designer on the speakers’ right placement according to your room..

Size of the room

If you have a larger room, you need to make sure that you place the in-wall speakers and the dealing speakers at least 24 inches apart from a wall or a ceiling adjacent to them to ensure that the sound produced is balanced. Your room’s shape also plays a big part in determining how you want to place your speakers.  

Size of the speakers

Depending on the size, the speakers that you buy can produce different sound quality. Most of the time, speakers that are larger in size tend to produce more sound than those speakers that are small, however, this is not always the case. 

You need to carefully consider the size when buying ceiling speakers. See if the speakers you are buying will fit well with your home theatre system. There are various ceiling speaker sizes.

The standard speaker sizes. You will mostly find that most ceiling speakers have cones 6.5 inches or 8 inches in diameter. The speaker will be a little bigger than the cone. Some speakers are smaller than these but the most common sizes are these ones. 

The ceiling speakers that have a 6.5 inches cone are more suitable for standard-sized rooms. These speakers have great performance and can offer a lot of versatility. Getting a pair of these speakers or two pairs will provide you with the impressive surround sound. 

The ceiling speakers that have a cone that is 8 inches in size are best suited for large sized rooms. These speakers are also used in movie theaters. They offer great bass and a good room filling sound. 

For these speakers, you will barely need a subwoofer because the bass is already impressive and heavy. Because of the sound that they give, you do not need to have more of these speakers, one pair is enough to give an impressive surround sound.

How should you position ceiling speakers? 

The use of the speakers highly determines the placement of ceiling speakers, that is to say, are you going to use the speakers for watching music, listening to music in the background or you simply want immersive surround sound. 

Speakers need to be placed at some distance from each other. You should also plan to advance the speakers’ layout when the cutting of holes is being done in the ceiling. However, there are some tips that you can follow in order to get the best sound quality from the ceiling speakers such as:

  • You should make sure that the placement of the speakers is planned with keeping the furniture setup in mind, this is because you can not move the speakers around once they are placed unlike floor standing speakers. 
  • You need to consider where you want the sound to pound from if you will use the ceiling speakers for many other applications, that is to say do u want it to pound from behind when using every application or not. 
  • The ceiling speakers should be used as back channels for surround sound.
  • Make sure that there are no gaps in your sound, this ensures that you get balanced sounds. When you keep gaps in your sound, you may end up getting loud sounds or very low sounds at certain spots. 
  • When planning the placement for your ceiling speakers, you can also draw up some sketches on where the speakers will placed in the room. This is very helpful in planning where your speakers will be placed. To get a picture of where they will be you can also place them on your floor in the particular place that corresponds to where they will be placed on the ceiling. 

Main features of Ceiling speakers


The main feature that ceiling speakers offer is the ability to direct high frequencies. Most of the ceiling speakers have a tweeter that can rotate. Therefore, this allows you to direct the sounds towards the audience to provide a better listening experience. 

Stereo sound

Another feature that most ceiling speakers offer is the stereo sound. This allows you to have music from both channels even though it’s from a single speaker. This makes them great to use in small spaces.

Self Enclosed

You will find that most ceiling speakers will not require to be mounted very deep. There may be other speakers that can be 8 go 9 inches deep, the reason for this may be due to the back boxes or large subwoofers that they have. The self-closed design of ceiling speakers ensures that the sound they offer is of excellent quality with impressive bass.

How can I install the ceiling speakers?

It can be a little bit of a tough job to install the speakers. The following are the important steps that one needs to follow in order to install the speakers. 

The first step is to an where you will place your speakers. Here you also need to test your ceiling, you do this in order to find what will be needed for you to place your speakers. 

The second step is to drill a hole into your ceiling. The hole should be small and so that a wire can go through. Test out the hole by inserting a wire. Then cut the holes. 

The next step is to perform the wiring of the speakers. You may also need a professional for these steps if you haven’t done it before. 

The final step is to make adjustments where needed. Here you can check what the speakers’ tone controls are and adjust them in terms of how the speakers are placed.


Ceiling speakers are great for surround sound. These speakers have a back box that ensures that the sound quality delivered is of excellent quality, it also protects the speakers. The speakers do not trouble you with many wires, they are very flexible and give an immersive sound. 

These speakers also provide great sounds without taking up much of your space and altering your home decoration. They are also a very good option for people that are looking for multi-room surround sound.

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