Altec Lansing Life Jacket 3 Review: The Best Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker 2021

Altec Lansing Life Jacket 3 Review

The lifejacket 3 is one of the best Altec Lansing speakers. This speaker boasts a lot of good features. It delivers impressive sounds, has a battery that lasts long and it’s design is very durable. 

The speaker is said to be everything proof. This is because it is waterproof, sand proof, dust proof as well as shock proof. Some other features that it contains included a built in power bank, built in microphone and more. This article is a detailed review of the Altec Lansing life jacket 3. 

Life Jacket 3 Design

When it comes to the design, the main thing that stands out on this speaker is it’s durable design. The speaker has a rugged design. The device has some silicon wrapping. This helps to give this speaker an attractive look. 

This speaker has an octagon shape. It is also thick in its appearance. It has a very portable design. The speaker is small enough to hold your hand and only weighs 2 pounds. Underneath the silicon layers, the speaker is made of plastic material. The silicone material helps to add protection to the speaker. 

The front of the speaker is covered in black grilles. This covers the whole front area. It also covers the drivers. There is also an Altec Lansing brand on the speaker. Above this, there are two LEDs. These are there to tell you the current status of the speakers battery as well as the connectivity status. 

On the top part of this speaker are buttons that are used to control this speaker. The top part has a panel that contains the power button, the minus and the plus buttons. There is also an NFC pairing button on the same panel. The backside of this speaker is similar to the front. It is also covered in fries. The main difference with the front is the passive bass radiator that is covered by the grille. 

This bass radiator is essential as it is there to give you an enhanced bass performance. To the left of the speaker, you will find ports for connection. There is a 3.5mm, this is good for wired connectivity. You will also see a micro USB port for charging the speaker and a USB port that can be used to charge your devices. However, charging your devices using the speaker will use up the speakers battery. 

This speaker also comes with a 3.5mm jack that you can connect to the 3.5mm audio jack. This allows you to use the speaker to connect to devices that do not have Bluetooth support.

It can also be used if you wanna save your speakers battery life because wireless connectivity makes use of a lot of power. There is also a micro USB cable that is included, this cable is used to charge the life jacket 3 by connecting it to the Micro USB port. The Altec Lansing also includes a power adapter that can be used for charge the device. 

 Altec Lansing Life Jacket 3 Battery Life

30 hours life long battery for a single charge. The battery life of this speaker is also one of its many great features. It has a very long battery life and gives you 30 hours. However, the battery may not last that long depending on whether you are listening to music at very high volumes or not. Using wired connectivity helps to save your battery life. It also comes in handy when you run out of battery. 

Sound Quality

The sound that the life jacket 3 delivers is very good and impressive. The drivers are behind the grilles. These drivers ensure that the sound that the speaker produces is of good quality. The speaker is also very loud. The sounds delivered are very clear and without distortion. However, at very high volumes, you may experience some distortion. The speaker is very good for listening to almost all kinds of music genres. 

Call quality

The life jacket 3 boasts a built in microphone. Therefore, you can use this speaker to listen to music as well as for calls. This microphone ensures that your calls are very accurate, detailed and clear. With this speaker, you will be able to hear the person from the other end even at a distance. It has a wide wireless range of 100 feet. This ensures that you have a stable and reliable wireless connection. 

Life jacket 3 Features

The life jacket has a built-in power bank. Therefore, you can use this speaker to charge your mobile devices. The back of the speaker contains a USB port that you can use to connect your devices. So if you run out of battery on your smartphone tablet and more, the speaker can easily help you. This also makes it great for people who like to travel. 

Long battery life: The life jacket gives you a very long battery life. You get up to 30 hours of listening time which is very good. The battery life will be affected by the volume as well as if you use to charge your devices. 

Wireless range: The wireless range is excellent. This lifejacket has a wireless range of up to 100 feet. You can easily listen to music away from your device without signal loss or distortion. 

Pair to other speakers: The life jacket also has a feature that allows you to connect it to other 3 life jacket 3 speakers. This helps to give you higher volumes, makes it good for outdoor parties. 

Design and build: The speaker. Is very durable. It is everything proof. Its build quality is very good and makes it able to be okay even after a few drops. Its waterproof design allows you to immerse it in water. It’s design also allows it to float. 

Mount attachment: The lifejacket 3 also comes with a mount attachment. Therefore, you can mount your speaker if you want to have a different listening experience.

Accessories: This speaker also comes with an AC adapter, a mount, manual, 3.5mm aux cable and a micro USB cable. It also has warranty information about the speaker. 


The Altec Lansing life jacket 3 will give you a decent performance. It’s design and durability is excellent. This makes it easy for this speaker to survive pressure from other elements. 

The speaker sounds very good. It also has a battery that can last a very long time. When immersed in water, the speaker will also perform very well. It is a fantastic option for outdoor use. The sound quality of the speaker is very good, especially when you are using the speaker in doors.

It has a bass and mids that sound very well. Therefore, if you want a speaker hat gives you good quality sound, then go for this speaker. In addition, the speaker can also get very loud and will not give you distorted music. 

One feature that makes this speaker stand out is it’s battery life. It gives you a good battery life that runs up to 30 hours. This allows you to use for a long time before you charge the speaker again. It is a very good speaker for any kind of person that likes to listen to music for prolonged hours.

It also has a waterproof rating of IP67 which is very impressive. This ensures that your speaker is able to survive outdoor use even in the worst weather conditions. 

Pros and cons


  • Long battery life that can last for up to 18 hours
  • Water proof design with IP67 rating
  • Great build quality and durability
  • It has a speaker built in
  • It supports use of voice assistants and is compatible with Siri
  • Comes with a universal mount 
  • It can get very loud without distortion


  • It does not have AptX support

Is the life jacket 3 worth it?

Getting the life jacket 3 is a perfect choice especially when you are looking for an outdoor speaker. This speaker has a lot of features that make it good for outdoor usage include shock proof, dust proof, waterproof and more. 

It also provides you with a decent sound quality. When immersed in water, the life jacket will give you the same sound quality. It also has a long lasting battery life. 

The Life jacket 3’s rival is the TDK Trek flex. These two speakers are different but they have very similar features. They are both dustproof and waterproof. They have durable designs and look very attractive. However, when it comes to the battery life the Life jacket excels. When it comes to the sound quality, the TDK Trek flex excels and it is able to give you a 360 degrees experience. 

Is It Bad To Use A Speaker While Charging?

There’s no doubt that social media and messaging have driven instant gratification to the roof. It’s no surprise that Millenials and Gen Z’s have no patience for anything. And waiting for 2 hrs for an Altec Lansing speaker to fully charge its 20 hrs long battery life is a huge ask. However, the way you use your portable Bluetooth speaker can impact the performance of your wireless waterproof speaker’s battery life long term. So, is it wrong to use a speaker while charging?

It is bad practice to use a battery-powered speaker while it is on a charge. And that’s because when your speaker is in use at a considerably loud volume, the battery won’t really build its battery capacity and may run low even if the speaker is connected to an AC outlet. 

The best practice for using and charging a portable powered speaker battery is to charge it first, then put it to use. However, if you really have to use the speaker while charging, make sure that the speaker’s volume is lowered. 

Is It OK To Leave Any Bluetooth Speakers Plugged In

By any means it not OK to leave any Bluetooth speaker plugged in while in use.

While there might not be instant repercussions to leaving your wireless speakers connected, the chances are that your speakers’ battery life can be affected if not completely damaged. Therefore leaving your Bluetooth speaker plugged in affects the battery much more than you think if you leave it on. 

As portable speakers are not made equal, some portable Bluetooth speakers can be left plugged in and will not be affected. …But the majority of popular Bluetooth speaker brands should never be left plugged in.

Otherwise, please turn off the speaker, charge the battery first to its full capacity, and use it to use however you want for the battery’s life length after one charge.

Can You Overcharge A Bluetooth Speaker?

The worry for most new portable speaker owners is the potential harm that can be caused to a Bluetooth speaker while charging it. So, can you overcharge a wireless portable battery-powered speaker?

Bluetooth speaker batteries can not be overcharged when left plugged in. The real concern is the harm in keeping the speaker plugged in. The use of your Bluetooth speaker while charging increases the chances of your speaker battery overheating.

The choice often drives this overheating to keep your speaker connected to the charge while it is also in use at the same time. 

Under no circumstances should you leave your battery connected to an AC. Doing so increases your speaker’s battery’s likelihood to dramatically degrade at a much faster rate than it normally could. Do not leave it plugged in while using it. Otherwise in the long run, your speaker may develop charging problems.

Why Is My Altec Lansing Speaker Not charging?

Altec speakers that develop charging port issues may not charge correctly. So, if your portable battery-powered speaker is not charging, make sure to check that there are no loose connections or any problems with the charging port first. 

Though it is rare to require that you have the speaker’s batteries replaced, sometimes escalating your troubleshooting efforts beyond checking the charging power cable is vital. 

So, you may be required to replace your Altec Lansing speaker batteries entirely to resolve your speaker’s issues that it is not charging.

Why Is My Altec Lansing Speaker Blinking Blue And Red?

Flashing LED lights on portable speakers can cause unnecessary anxieties especially when you do not know why your wireless speaker is suddenly blinking blue and red. could it be a battery running low, or is it malfunctions?

When your Altec Lansing Speaker is blinking blue and red, it means it is in a Bluetooth pairing mode. You see, when you want to connect your Altec Lansing speaker to any Bluetooth enabled device,you activate the Bluetooth connection of your speaker by starting with pressing and holding the power button for approximately 5-8 seconds while your speaker is powering on. 

This process triggers your Altec Lansing speakers into connection mode that can be confirmed that it is powered on when you see a flashing blue and red LED light which indicates that your speaker is in pairing mode.

So, if your speakers are blinking blue and red, you possible have held the power button way too long and have set the Bluetooth pairing mode on. Your speaker is not damaged, it is rather searching for potential devices to connect to because your set the wireless pairing mode on.

How Do I Know When My Bluetooth Speaker Is Fully Charged?

When your wireless speaker is charging, a steady beam of red LED light will stay on to indicat that your Bluetooth speaker is still charging. But, when the CHARGE indicator goes off, as in not lighting up, it means your speaker battery is now fully charged

The entire Altec Lansing speaker lines will have a steady red LED beam of light on while it is charging. However, other portable Bluetooth speaker models may not indicate that they are fully charged the same way as these speaker. 

Instead, the CHARGE indicator may not light up while charging the speaker with the power turned on, and will only come on if the speaker battery is fully charged or unless the speaker is turned off first, then the CHARGE indicator will light up when it is fully chaarged.


The Altec Lansing lifejacket is a great speaker. It is very durable, has a long lasting battery life and good sound performance. This speaker is also shockproof, sand proof, dustproof and waterproof. It has a power bank that allows you to charge your smartphone devices. It comes with a mount and has a microphone built-in that can be used to take calls. 

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